4 tips to ensure rack safety

A rack is essential to storage in any industry and rack safety is important to the welfare of customers as well as to workers. Though the collapse of a rack is very rare, it is essentially important to safeguard against any impending mishap.

Racks are built considering the purpose they need to serve with a certain specific weight that they can hold.

industrial pallet racks

1). Select the correct rack: There are many different types of racks, from racks for supermarket, food and vegetable storage or high density racks. It is not enough if the dimensions of the products to be stored are considered, what is important is to understand the product movement time i.e how often the products will be removed and replaced. When products are shifted often, there is an increased risk of movement and so such racks would have to be sturdier than racks for products that are stored for a long period of time without much movement.

2). The racks should be assembled only by professionals: The racks are like building material, they consist of beams, footplates and frames that need to be assembled carefully, understanding the load impact. Sometimes, the racks may be well built but the person setting it up may have no idea about positioning the frames appropriately and for load adjustment.

3). Stay away from overloading racks: Racks are meant to be used for a certain amount of weight, excessive load can weaken the rack. Instead, a rack that copes with required amount of weight should be selected. The rack may not be visibly bent or tilted when excess weight is added but they will not be stable.

4). Check the racks periodically: The racks should be checked periodically by qualified maintenance staff to ensure that there is no overloading or that there has been no damage to the racks. When forklifts are used inside supermarkets to place supplies in the rack, there could be damage to the racks due to careless control of the forklifts.

Selecting a good rack from a reliable brand forms the crux of ensuring rack safety. The professionals sent by such brands will set up the racks and periodic checks and maintenance assessment will safeguard the interests of the workers as well as the customers. A good rack system will last for many years but proper handling is equally important to maintain shelf life.

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