Advantages Of Parallel Compressor Racks

Supermarket Racks play a vital role in the sales products of any supermarket. In fact there are many different types in the type of racks in the market and the required one shall be chosen according to the need of the product and the way it is going to be arranged in the market. Parallel compressor racks is a type of rack that is preferred mostly in the storage refrigerators in the supermarket. The prime reason of including racks in a supermarket is for the efficient usage of space. Most of the people will make efficient use of horizontal space in the supermarket, and the vertical ones will be left unused which is not advisable. The basic design of the parallel compressor is the usage of accessories and compressors on a common base. Also, there will be a common liquid header and discharge suction. It is not necessary that the compressors used in this rack should be of same size.

When the compressors of different capacities are used, it is known to be the uneven rack. The rack used for hanging the products will be different and the ones used for mounting the various materials will be different. So before making a purchase it is necessary to check the specifications properly so that there are no complications in the future. In this parallel compressor racks, there are numerous advantages and one such is redundancy. In simple words when one compressor fails to work the load will be shared by the other compressors that are in the working condition. Energy saving is another advantage of using this system because the energy used by the individual compressors will be more when compared to the energy used by series of compressors. Defrosting is added advantage of using this system, and this is very efficient too.

This rack will be able to handle the moderate or low temperatures that are required to maintain the product that is placed in the rack. Normally the low temperature will state the temperature of minus 25 degrees. And the medium temperature will be around 7 degrees. Usually, an electronic rack controller will be responsible for maintaining the pressure in the compressor that will take care of the various temperatures. In order to increase the compressor energy, the suction pressure has to be improved. When the suction pressure is decreased, the compression cycle will also be off. Depending on the load that is going to be placed on the rack and they engineer’s design the model of the rack will differ from store to store. So one has to be very clear about the type of the material that is going to be placed in the rack before buying one for the store. Make sure the cost of the rack is also noted as it should lie within the budget, and this will avoid unnecessary complications in the financial statement.

Each designer will have his own idea and innovations that can be implemented in the rack so that the design gets better day by day. Every defect in the rack is being solved in this method, but the basic design of the rack will not differ much in this case. In certain racks, glycol solution that is a secondary refrigerant will be used in order to get better results. Usually in this particular model of the rack the amount of refrigerant used will be very less when compared to the other rack types in the market. Even the piping used in the rack will not be very critical, and this makes the rack more preferable rather than the other models. Make sure the rack is placed at the right position.

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