Which is better? Open shelving or close shelving?

The type of shelving that is better depends a lot on what the requirement is. IF there is a need to store products that need to be closed then closed shelving is better and if the products need to be accessed quickly then open shelving is better.

Here are some facts about open and closed shelving racks.

Closed shelving:

shelving racking

• This type of shelving has back and side panels that offer greater support and stability to the racks.

• The panels can extend up to the front with a door to access the products. This keeps the products safe, dust free and safe.

• The door may be locked for greater safety of the products stored.

• Closed shelving racks are better in areas of business where the products need to be stored neatly in a room. Since the products are placed inside these shelves, customers don’t get to see how they are arranged.

• These shelves are ideal for confidential material or products that should not be handled by everyone in the unit.

• For increased stability, the back panels may be fasted onto a back support.

• Locking the racks will provide single access to the manager of the unit.

Open shelving racks:

shelving racking

• The open shelving racks do not have back or side panels

• The products placed in these shelves will remain visible

• These provide better access to the products.

• Additional support is provided to these racks in the form of back or side braces

• The back braces are useful in avoiding lateral sway of the racks

• The side braces avoid side sway of the racks.

• Open shelving racks are far more economical than closed shelving racks.

The final decision in installing a closed shelving rack or an open shelving rack depends hugely on the type of business and the need for the racks. While a closed shelving rack provides greater safety for the products stored, accessibility to the products is compromised when compared to an open shelving rack. The products need to be carefully maneuvered into the closed shelving racks and the use of forklifts to place the products may be a little tricky. An open shelving rack may be ideal for displaying products to customers as its open and the products are easy to reach out.

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