Cantilever Versus Pallet Racking – What is Different?

Cantilever Versus Pallet Racking – What is Different?

Pallet racking and cantilever racking are the most commonly used racking systems when it comes to industrial storage racking. Going by their name, pallet racking is utilized for storing pallets and cantilever racks are used for all other types of industrial materials that cannot be stored on pallets. Here are some of the main differences between Cantilever and Pallet Racking systems for the benefit those that are new to these terms.


Size of Storage Equipments
We all know that any company that has the need to store heavy objects will use the cantilever racks and hence it is the most commonly used racking system. Even the equipments that are long and bulky can easily fit into a cantilever industrial storage shelving assembly. It can accommodate equipments that are 10 to 15 feet long as well.
Pallet racking is a material handling system that stores the equipments in pallets which are placed in horizontal lines across different vertical levels. Since all the equipments will be placed in the pallet, the size and weight of storage is restricted to its capacity. The rows of a pallet rack may look pretty inviting to stack long and bulky items but they may not sustain it. Also, the uprights are 8 feet long and hence any material that is bigger than this cannot be supported.


Cantilever retail display racks can give a much better accessibility when we consider the moving and storing of the long and heavy equipments. The ease at which you can remove these items from the racks is also something that makes cantilever racks more attractive. With the help of a forklift, any object from any location in the cantilever assembly can be picked up with ease. The arms of the cantilever racking come in both inclined and flat options. This helps in preventing some random items that could roll off the racks.
In pallet racking, the items are placed in the pallets in a horizontal line across different vertical levels. At times, removing a single item from the rack could be a very challenging task.


Cantilever storage racks are made up of I-beams which are welded to an I-beam base. These I-beams make the backbone of the cantilever unit and then the bracing connects the vertical beams and stabilizes the rack. Since the beams are used both horizontally and vertically these are the most stable racking systems which is why they are used in a lot of applications.
Pallet racking has two horizontal beams and at the end of these there are vertical beams fixed to them. The pallet holds the item which gently site on it. Since the normal beam length for these are only 8 feet, the range of items that can be stored is restricted.


Cantilever shelving racks can support a great deal of weight that you might even get shocked if you look at the numbers! The arms could carry about 3800 pounds per arm, since there are two arms that support the racking system, it could eventually support about 7200 pounds for a level. Each frame of the racking system can support nearly 60800 pounds of weight.
In pallet racks, the weight that each pallet can support depends on the pallet that is used for the purpose. It surely cannot match with the cantilever racking system which is made to support heavy weight items.


Types of Racking
Pallet racking is of two types, the selective pallet racks and the drive in or drive through racks. The selective pallet racking is quite popular as it gives a good choice for the pallet positions. It is available in different heights and depths. The drive in and drive through racks work well for items that are of the same size and have a longer shelf life.
Cantilever racking comes in three types: light beam, I-beam and structural cantilever racking systems. As the name indicates, the light beam uses a light weight beam and can be used for lighter weight items. The I-beam is the most frequently used cantilever racking system because of its ability to withstand heavy weights. The structural cantilever racking system can support very heavy loads.

There are many options if you are looking to find storage racks in Chennai, choose the right racking system for your business and benefit out of it.

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