Electronic Front Display Counters

Electronic Front Display Counters

Centre Unit Ht:1200mm with dimpled perforated backplate, top & Bottom Laptop Display with Glass Door Both the side.
Approx:900mm(3) rft per unit

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Retail stores are always on the lookout for ways to make the most of their floor plan of their business premises by making use of the available space to display as much merchandise as possible. Display counters, racks and counters form an integral part of the racking system for electronics goods.

It is important to have an attractive and durable display system in place to ensure that the walk-in customers are fully benefited and helps them to make a purchasing decision. Prominence of goods on display is the key no matter which retail store it is, and all the more so in the case of electronic goods.

There are various types of electronic racks that make up the racking system for electronic stores. Some of them include; electronics market display racks, appliances display racks, LCD display racks, T.V racks, Split AC racks, laptop display racks, front display counters, slat wall gondolas, podiums, CD/DVD display racks, perforated racks, Double stack racks, etc.

Retail electronic stores aren’t complete without a proper front display counter for electronic goods. Donracks offers the perfect fit front display counter that can be beneficial to a retail business. The center unit has a perforated back plate that measures 900 mm in height, 1200 mm & 900 mm in length and 450 mm & 375 mm in depth. The counters are offered in both wood and metal.

It is designed with two shelves where products can be displayed and the same can be visible from the customer end of the display counter. The glass cannot be opened out and products need to be kept from the opposite and open side of the display counter.

There are numerous advantages that these counters from Donracks offer to the retail store and here are a few listed;

  • Displays goods without offering the chance for tampering
  • The display shelves offer ample space to store and display electronic goods
  • Display counters encourages point of purchase sales
  • High end products that are not bigger in size such as tablets, expensive smart phones, iOS devices, etc., can be stored in a safe and secure location while not taking away the display advantage
  • The glass ledge on top of the counter offers a straight on view of electronic products
  • Quality craftsmanship and economical pricing
  • Easy installation and relocation
  • Standard sizes that suits any electronic retail outlet
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