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We at Donracks, create, design and build innovative highly durable products in the racking industry. We are inept at designing reasonably priced high quality racking solutions that are spread across industrial and commercial applications. Thanks to our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, our products are easy to handle and assemble without compromising on its durability and style.

Donracks designers are constantly developing new ways to help clients overcome compatibility difficulties that are commonly found in racking standards. We offer ready to assemble modular styles, but are open for customisation of our products where the client need is different. This helps us to overcome specific challenges that both industrial and commercial clients come across.

Our Racks are Special as they …..
  • Racking solutions that offer optimum resistance to corrosion
  • Racks that boasts of high load-bearing strength
  • Highly durable
  • Customised according to need and requirement
  • Superior quality steel that adheres to ISI standardisation
  • Easy to install, easy to dismantle
  • Facilitates future modifications if necessary
Quality and Standards

Donracks adheres to international metal handling standards and are put through a pre-treatment process which ensures the durability of the racks. Even the powder coating is done manually to ensure that there is a uniform dispersion. We deliver projects on an agreed installation design and framework in time without hindering the day to day operations of the business. The types of racking solutions offered are Industrial Storage racks & Retail Storage Racks.

Industrial Storage Racks in Hyderabed
Pallet racks from Donracks fit the need and physical requirement of your business. The industrial shelving system in Hyderabad is designed after a thorough study of physical environment that includes storage products, types of pallets, size of pallets used and the handling equipment. Donracks deals with all types of pallet racking solutions in Hyderabad that includes;

  • Adjustable Pallet Racks Hyderabad
  • Double Deep Pallet Racks Hyderabad
  • Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Racks Hyderabad
  • Drive In and Drive Through Racks Hyderabad

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Cantilever racks from Donracks are popular for its space saving capabilities and versatility. Cantilevers are popularly used to store heavy unrelated bulky items which merge with the unmatched durability and strength of Donracks products, thereby ensuring supreme quality lumberyard, manufacturing and warehousing racking solutions in Hyderabad.

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Donracks multitier storage solutions are apt for large storage houses that require additional floor space. Multi-tier systems from Donracks are equipped with walkways, aisles, lifts, floors and stairs to facilitate easy movement and goods handling

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Standard and flexible modular shelving systems from Donracks ensure easy customisation to suit the need and space requirements of industrial houses. More Info On Shelving Systems
Wide range of floor surfaces and is offered in plenty of sizes as per the premises. Floors can be integrated with other storing applications. More Info On Mezzanine Floor

First In and First Out racks from Donracks can be customised to suit the storage needs of warehouses, distribution centres, high volume storage units and food storage houses in Hyderabad

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Donracks offers steel pallets and plastic pallets in Hyderabad that adheres to international quality standards. Donracks boasts of a versatile choice of steel enforced plastic pallets that offer enhanced durability

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Donracks offers plastic bins and plastic crates for its Hyderabad clientele to facilitate easy storage and precise classification of goods that are smaller in size but greater in quantity.. More Info On Plastic Bins/Crates

Retail Storage Racks in Hyderabed

Donracks supermarket racks in Hyderabad offers an incomparable retail display design that captures the attention of each and every customer who walks into the retail store. The impeccable display racking solutions offered include; wall gondola racks, centre gondola racks, end gondola racks, lighted racks, corner racks, cash counter racks, alligator bins, impulse stands, broom stands, wall channel racks, perforated racks with hooking options, mesh basket racks, top canopy racks, stepped racks, four sided racks, ball cage racks, trolleys, shopping baskets, trolley baskets and stall bins. The supermarket shopping trolleys Hyderabad especially needs special mention for its durability in spite of being handled by all and sundry.

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Donracks offers state of the art fruits and vegetable racking solutions that facilitate proper air circulation which is a necessity for perishable goods. The versatility of choice includes; fruit vegetable top canopy racks, stainless steel fruit and vegetable racks, fruit and vegetable tube type racks, adjustable fruit and vegetable racks, open adjustable fruit and vegetable racks, fruits and vegetable perforated storage boxes, etc.More Info On Fruits & Vegetable Racks

Donracks offer intrinsic pharmacy racks in Hyderabad that fits the limited floor space of pharmacies while facilitating maximum storage. The range of pharmacy racks includes; metal racks showcase, racks with top storage, racks with bottom storage, slat wall racks, etc.

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Donracks offers the best in line shoe racks for the Hyderabad shoe retail industry that clearly understands the importance of design and display racking systems to attract the attention of a walk-in customer. The range of shoe racks from Donracks include; footwear racks, mesh stopper shoe racks, glass shoe racks, metal slat wall shoe racks, etc.

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The versatile electronic racking solutions from Donracks offer the best visible advantage for electronic products in the retail industry. With special highlights such as optimum corrosion resistance and increased durability the endless list of electronic racks include; double stack racks, perforated racks, CD/DVD display racks, podiums, slat wall gondolas, front display counters, laptop display racks, split AC racks, TV racks, LCD display racks, appliance display racks, electronics market display racks, adjustable racks, etc. More Info On Electronic Racks

Donracks offers a range of versatile textile racks that facilitates flexible display options to retailers. With special designs that facilitate both storage and display, Donracks offers cloth racks in Hyderabad that can offer the best of both worlds. Some of the popular display and storage options include; textile hanger straight, textile hanger inclined, textile round wooden racks, textile rack centre gondola, textile rack wall gondolas (with and without base), textile rack centre gondolas, personal care shelves and textile inclined holders.

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With adjustable shelves and flexible storing options, book racks from Donracks are an amalgamation of precise product planning and designing that suits the versatile needs of book storage. Donracks offers economy models, premium models and magazine racks that can be chosen based on the need, requirement and budget of customers.More Info On Book Racks

The non-compromising quality standards of Donracks are evident not only in the racking solutions but also in the strength, durability and finish of the different accessories used for racks. The long list of durable accessories include; inclined holders, flower cone holders, double peg hooks, inclined bowl holders, LCD clamps, cricket bat holders, vacuum cleaner stands, broom stick holders, brackets, single and double hooks, ball holders, stepped holders, square tube holders, iron box holders, electrical panel assembly, straight holders and flat loading bars.

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