Importance of Pallet racking in heavy duty manufacturing industries

The Ins & Outs Of Pallet Storage System

Storing products is a major bone of contention for heavy duty manufacturing industries. If their products are not stored properly, it might end up causing damage which ultimately leads to losses for the company. This is one of the major reasons why manufacturing industries are willing to install the latest on storing technology. Pallet racking is the popular choice amongst most heavy duty industries as they are quite sturdy and can hold all kinds of heavy duty products without causing any damage to them.

Benefits Of Using Pallet Racking Systems In Heavy Duty Manufacturing Industries

Importance of Pallet racking in heavy duty manufacturing industries

  • Pallet racks are built using high quality steel material. This ensures the reliability and durability of the racks.
  • Most companies that manufacture pallet racks put them through vigorous tests to ensure that they have the tolerance to handle heavy duty products.
  • Pallet racks are designed to take up minimal space, thereby saving space in the storage areas. Most warehouse tries to use squeeze use out of every square feet available. Pallet racking system comes in handy in such situations, unlike commercial shelving.
  • Pallet storage solutions are often built with an eye on easy retrieval of products. The FIFO (first in first out) principle is implemented in most warehouses, making pallet racks the natural choice for warehouses.

Different Types Of Steel Used In Pallet Shelving

Generally, two types of steel are preferred for manufacturing pallets, structural steel and roll formed steel. The former type of steel is manufactured in a cold state. While the steel s in its molten state, it is immediately cast into a mold. After the beam has cooled down, it is passed through rollers to improve the shape further. Although structural steel is more durable and stronger than roll formed steel, it is more expensive. The durability of structural steel makes it the perfect candidate for creating pallet shelves for heavy duty products.

The manufacturing process of roll formed steel consists of bending strips of steel by feeding it through mounted wheels. The steel strips are bent to the required shape of the pallet racks is achieved. The more the number of bents formed, the stronger the roll formed steel. The flexibility of roll formed steel makes it a favourite among heavy duty industries, as their products tend to be of different sizes and shapes. pallet rack manufacturers often offer their customers customized pallet storage solutions.

Importance of Pallet racking in heavy duty manufacturing industries

Since pallet racks are often used to store products that are larger and heavier in size, it is extremely important to ensure that the pallet storage solutions are durable and strong enough with huge tolerance levels. Safety checks are conducted by pallet rack manufacturers to test that each product manufactured can handle the required weight. It is up to the warehouse managers to ensure that none of the pallet racks are stacked with loads more than intended by the manufacturers. Such hazardous situations need to be avoided by spot checks by the warehouse manager and the safety officer. Storage racks manufacturers in Chennai recommend consulting an expert to ensure that the right capacity pallet shelves are installed at the warehouse to avoid unnecessary mishaps.

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