Mezzanine floors- The best storage option for heavy machinery!

Mezzanine floors- The best storage option for heavy machinery!

As your business expands, you would have to improve your services to meet the growing demand of your customers. Improvements would be required in multiple areas, increased storage space being a necessary one most of the time. Storage space is very critical when it comes to heavy machinery such as a conveyor system. Making the best use of the available space is a cost-effective option for the storage of heavy machinery. A good mezzanine floor supplier is the one who can help you in this regard.

If you have not heard of mezzanine floor much, read on to understand what they are and how and where they can be used!

Mezzanine floor- What Is It Exactly?
A Mezzanine floor is an additional platform which can be installed between a building’s floor and ceiling. It is a clever measure to maximise the utilisation of the available vertical space. They are available in various shapes and sizes, and their installation does not require any modification of the existing structures.

Aluminium, steel or fibreglass are the materials which are used in the construction of mezzanine floors. The whole structure consists of purlins, beams, columns and decking. Pallet gates, staircases and handrails are the most common accessories which are required for complete efficiency.

The most attractive feature of Mezzanines is that they can be tailored according to the specifications of the client. So, you can get a mezzanine floor plan drawn according to your specific requirements, and this customisation feature makes mezzanines the best method to make use of the space you already have in your premises.

What Makes Mezzanines Best For Heavy Machinery?
Heavy machinery plays a prime role in the stability of the industry. They are costly and have to be taken care of with proper care. A safe storage place for them is a must in any industry. A multi-layered mezzanine floor gives enough space for the accommodation of conveyor systems and other heavy machines. Moreover, mezzanine floors are made up of the finest steel, and hence they are strong enough to withstand the considerable weight of heavy machines.

Thus there is no other better option to keep heavy machinery, that too making use of the otherwise unutilised vertical space.

Installation Process
The process of installing Mezzanine flooring is faster compared to the time you would require for relocation to a new place. It is better if the entire project, right from quotation to installation, is managed by a single person. The industrial mezzanine pricing is reasonable compared to the cost required for other space expansion options. Soon after the order is placed, Site surveys and inspections take place during which you should clearly communicate about your requirements.

Next is the plan drawing and plan approval stage. Once it is done, the mezzanine which is manufactured according to your requirements will be delivered and installed at your place.

A few extra features
· Powder coated finish
· Staircases
· Pallet Gates
· Edge protection methods
Depending on your requirement, you can choose any or all of the above features thereby making mezzanine floors more effective. Choose wisely, All the best!

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DonracksMezzanine floors- The best storage option for heavy machinery!

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