Steel and Plastic Pallets For Easy Storage

Steel and Plastic Pallets For Easy Storage

Donracks aims at offering steel and plastic pallets as per the international quality standards. The most popularly used steel reinforced plastic pallets are offered in a number of sizes, shapes and colors and can be used for both domestic and industrial material handling and storing purposes. The plastic pallets are reinforced with high quality steel by implementing advanced techniques to assure material strength. Donracks ensures that the pallets are a single piece design therefore ensuring that the pallets can hold and store materials to the tune of 5 tonnes in weight.

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Steel Re Inforced Plastic Pallets

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There are numerous advantages for businesses when they choose to use steel reinforced plastic pallets and here are some listed below:

  • Repairable, reusable and recyclable
  • Rust free and splinter free
  • Portable, Stackable and weather resistant
  • Economical, durable and can be cleaned easily
  • Aid in asset tracking and identification
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Light weight and easily stackable
  • Contamination and dirt resistant
  • Can be used for automated systems
  • Wear and tear resistant

Things to consider while choosing a Pallet

  • Your budget constraints
  • The average weight of the goods stored in these pallets
  • The equipment you will be using to load and unload the goods in the pallets
  • Whether you use an automated or manual system for retrieval
  • Does your racking system have special equipments such as conveyors, palletizers, etc.
  • The type of goods that are stored
  • Specific sizes to suit your racking system

Types of Pallets

Pallets come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. The cost, performance and value of a pallet depend on the materials and types of pallets in use. Some exceptionally engineered designs help to suit individual business requirement. Here are a few enlisted below that are offered by Donracks;

Stackable Pallets

These industrial pallets are the best choice for convenient storage. Here the pallets can be stacked one on top of the other and hence saves plenty of space. Theses pallets are ideal for food, medical and pharmaceutical applications. These can be accessed with the help of pallet trucks and forklifts.

Double Faced Stackable Plastic Pallets

Double faced plastic pallets are highly durable and offer the best alternative to wooden pallets and skids. These are used best in pharmaceutical and food processing industries. This is a single piece high pressure injected that has a reinforced design to minimize the dust and dirt collection. These do not hold nor trap water. These are compatible to forklifts and pallet trucks.

Rackable Plastic Pallets

Rackable plastic pallets can be used for conveyor use, racking and double stacking. These are popularly used in commercial, industrial, pharmaceutical and food processing industries. These pallets are made from strong structural foam and can be handled by four way forklifts.

Rackable Smooth Plastic Pallets

Highly durable and rackable smooth plastic pallets are safer for use and easy to handle in comparison to wooden pallets. These offer a four way entry hence are well suited for racks that have two aisles. It is easy to maintain and is a solid deck skid. These are popularly used in export, industrial, pharmaceutical and food processing industries.

Closed Deck Rackable Plastic Pallets

Just as the name suggests, these type of pallets feature a closed deck. Closed deck rackable plastic pallets are used for retaining goods and preventing fall-through. Here the pallet features a smooth surface on the top and can be moved directly to the sales floor as it abstains goods from falling. It can be moved with the help of a four way forklift.

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DonracksSteel and Plastic Pallets For Easy Storage