Rack Supported Mezzanine Flooring System For Growing Workspace

Rack Supported Mezzanine Flooring System For Growing Workspace

Startups and small businesses do not have the capital to invest in an independent office space. Starting from a humble space is a wise option to contain overheads. With growing customers, there is space constraint as they outgrow the existing space. In such cases, there are provisions that can be added to make the space convenient for your growing business. One of the best suggestions for optimising office space using mezzanine flooring is to hand over the task to reputed mezzanine floor manufacturers. In this endeavour, racking systems play a pivotal role, let’s see how.

What is a Mezzanine Floor?
Mezzanine floorsA platform installed in between the floor and the ceiling can be termed as mezzanine floor. It is versatile and intelligent space. It is an uncomplicated way to create additional space, especially in a warehouse. This extra space can be used for many purposes including office, storage purpose and more. Mezzanine flooring is the top choice when it comes to creating effective storage without any hassle.


Construction of Mezzanine Floor
There are many materials used to construct mezzanine floor and among them are heavy duty pallet racks, slotted angles or heavy duty pillars. These racks can be dismantled or enlarged based on the requirement. Moreover, it can support high bearing load levels. These come in a wide variety of heavy duty column to hold the floor stiff, making maximum use of the floor level below without any fear of the floor collapsing. The cost involved is less and helps in gaining valuable work space. Since the racking solutions come with non-corrosive properties, it lasts longer.

Mezzanine floorsBenefits of Mezzanine Floor System for Office

  • An extra floor space is an added advantage. It helps to free up the lower level and adds additional office space.
  • The mezzanine floors are easy to install and does not need elaborate construction materials. Readily available rack can be installed without having to break the existing facility
  • There are free standing structures meaning it can be erected and dismantled without any hassle. The structure can be moved to another location with ease.
  • Mezzanine floors are a cost effective solution when you need additional space for your office that too immediately. In comparison with a concrete facility, the cost incurred is minimal with racking solutions.
  • The provision to customise the space is endless. You can either use heavy duty steel or MDF wood for this purpose. The flexibility of adapting to any design and load characteristics makes heavy duty steel the best option when it comes to the mezzanine floor for an office.
  • Rack supported mezzanine floor comes with multiple benefits such as palletized storage optimizing storage cost.
  • There is no compromise on a full height working space when there is sufficient height available in the warehouse. At times you can also build a 3-tier mezzanine floor system giving scope for multiple spaces.

Mezzanine flooring solutions is a boon to offices that are looking to expand their facility without the burden of heavy investment. It provides multi-dimensional space without a need to move to a new location.

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DonracksRack Supported Mezzanine Flooring System For Growing Workspace

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