Try Out These Industrial Shelving Solutions And Save Spaces

Try Out These Industrial Shelving Solutions And Save Spaces

Be it a warehouse, manufacturing or distribution unit; storage spaces are always a matter of concern. There never seems to be enough space to place all the goods. If there are space constraints and enough goods can’t be stored, the business will have to suffer due to this. In such cases, effective storage racks in Chennai offer a great solution in the form of pallet racking systems. There are various types of pallet racking solutions that the warehouses or manufacturing units can adapt according to their needs. Here are two of the most popular pallet racking systems:

Try Out These Industrial Shelving Solutions And Save Spaces

  •  Drive-In Racking system: These are special racking mechanisms that help you to make maximum use of the floor space available. These are designed in the form of many lanes. The depth of lanes and the number of pallets height is decided based on the type of product that is to be stored. A block in the drive-in racking would usually be 6 lanes in width, 6 pallets in depth and has a height of 3 pallets. This type of system is most efficient in cases where there is high stock of product profiles with lower sku’s.
  • Selective Pallet Racking system: This is one of the most commonly used racking systems. It is mainly used in warehouses. It can be easily installed and used. It is also not that much costly and always fits within the budget of the customer. The selective pallet racking also allows the user to access all the products directly and with ease.

The Most Versatile Racking Systems For Storage Is The Adjustable Pallet Racking

The adjustable racking methods are the most sought after racking method all thanks to its versatility. This allows the palletized materials to be stored in the form of horizontally placed rows. These rows have multiple levels. Each level has mainly 2 components, beams and also frames. Each level is specially designed to store two to three pallets. It also provides instant access to all the stored products by using counterbalancing, reach and VNA fork lifting methods.

Try Out These Industrial Shelving Solutions And Save Spaces

Just as the name itself suggests, adjustable racking systems can be easily adjusted at any point and can also be reconfigured according to the requirements of warehouse operations. The standard way of configuring it is in the form of beams that are clipped on frames. The beams can be provided extra support in the form of mesh decking, timber decking or even support bars. This type of racking system is cost effective, easily adaptable, easy to assemble and also helps to use the availability of height in the warehouse.


Visit One Of The Best Pallet Rack Manufacturers Today And Make Your Choice

Pallet racking methods are hence one of the popular choices for storage of materials in industries. Besides the types mentioned above, there are many other racking systems like the double deep racking, narrow aisle racking, heavy duty racking, carton flow racking, and cantilever racking systems. All these are popularly used according to the need specifications of the customers. Make your pick following your need criteria and space availability.

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DonracksTry Out These Industrial Shelving Solutions And Save Spaces

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