Updating Your Rack Storage System

Updating Your Rack Storage System


Most often people end up cluttering their storage areas simply because of improper planning and lack of optimal utilization of storage space. Industrial rack storage plays an important role in saving storage space in warehouses. Some of you may even consider moving into a bigger warehouse due to the lack of space. However this is a reason for further investment .If you evaluate your current situation with some expert advice, you can avoid this additional expense and accommodate all your products within the available space with minimum clutter.

Risks of lesser space

· Accidents are prone to happen as workers move in and out of the crowded space.
· You are less likely to locate items as all are cluttered up
· Taking stock of inventory becomes a hard task
· Risk of injuries increases

Steps to be taken to analyze the situation

If you are ready to do a bit of hard work initially, you will get it all perfectly sorted out in a short while. Though the task of reorganizing an entire warehouse seems impossible, it is actually not as hard as it appears to be. Follow the below steps to get the job done easily.

Conduct an audit on all available racks

The first step is to evaluate and get to remember what you have stocked in the warehouse and how available racks are there. You have to determine precisely the shape, size and storage capacity of all available racks. Regular Rack audits are good to know if they are stable or if any replacements are required. You have to get your racks updated as per the latest requirements .Getting rid of heavy ,bulky, space consuming racks will help to incorporate new ones which will be more beneficial to you.

Have a look at the storage density

You will find it easier and more effective to identify storage opportunities, if you analyze the storage volumes accurately. Cube utilization of space can be achieved with the use of deep lane storage. Make use of drive-in, double-deep, pallet flow, drive-thru, and push-back racks for this.

Go through your inventory stock

If you are selective and need access to all the pallets daily, then you will find deep lane storage troublesome. In this some pallets will have to be buried. If you have a space crunch, then it is best to bury goods which are slow moving and imperishable. Check your inventory and make sure you have not stored away goods that are outdated and no longer useful. Clearing the clutter from your stock will increase your storage area considerably. Study the market for the latest trends in consumer habits and then plan purchase of new inventory.

Delete Aisles to create more space

If you can do away with aisles, you will be able to create more space for storage. You can opt to use a drive in storage system following the First in Last Out rule. There will not be much utilization of aisle space in many warehouses unlike in supermarkets. Hence there is no point in leaving a lot of space to move around. You can effectively convert this into drive up high density storage space. Use narrow aisles which are convenient for moving in and out .You can also consider access for forklifts while designing aisle space. Forklifts are very convenient to arrange products on the racks. This is extremely useful for systems like double-deep racks, drive-in or drive-thru.

Check if you are using the correct racks

You need to select a rack system that is most suited to your organization requirements. Just because most firms use selective pallet racks, you need not get the same. This system is space consuming and will not help to increase the storage space effectively. You can also consider options like push back pallet system, Selectivity and storage density, both are achieved by using this rack system.

Interchangeable racks

Interchangeable racks with gravity locks are some of the best you can use to save storage space. These are secure, easy to change and versatile.


Get more creative and be ready to try out innovative ways to store your goods in the warehouse. Find out the latest trends and adopt new styles of racks and storage methods. With the present day technological advancements, there are many options you can try for maximizing your storage area within the limited space capacity.

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