Ways To Increase The Storage Capacity Of Your Pharmacy

The most vital aspect of any pharmacy or medical store is that they have a limited floor space. No matter how many square feet of space you start with a number of medicines, IV’s, equipments, etc. seems to be endless. The crux is that space is always in the shortfall. Thus, it becomes equally vital to manage the given space in the best possible storage system to balance out the storage, space and usage needs.

There is only one way to boost storage capacity of a medical retail store: increase at source i.e. the shelving space. Thus, using display racks for medicinal stock management turns very important and needs to be exactly right.

Ideally, all medical store shelves should:

  • Make every product highly visible
  • Reduce the risk of any stock management issues
  • Make identification of products simple
  • Reduce the risk of dispensing errors
  • Give quick access to products
  • Keep product dust and contaminant free

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A pharmaceutical shop can use a number of ways to streamline the flow of materials while saving valuable floor space. The most obvious method is to install modular cabinets that are designed to improve organisation as well as storage of drugs and medicines.

Another way to boost your pharmacy space is to use different types of pharmacy store shelves and racks for different pharmaceutical products. Try using a Bulk Pharmacy Shelve for large packages and save valuable space that bulk containers take up. Use a Unit Dose Storage for medicines that come in single or small dosages.
Using the whole length of a wall is one other technique of saving and utilising space. Think about buying racks that not only have shelves but storage space at the bottom. For products that have a long shelf life and are rarely sold you can use a rack with top storage.
Here are some tips, tricks and simple shelving ways to up the capacity of your storage:
The most important method is to have a unique divider and labelling system. This will help save space by not shelving the same product in two different places.
Use shelves that have a more compact storage. You not only shore up on space but reach the medicine or drug faster resulting in quicker service.
For more flexibility use worktop and fast mover shelves that come with modular systems.
Don’t use in your medical retail store display racks that are generic, adapt them to your precise and individual requirements.
Round shelves should be used to store fast moving items. They give direct access.
Web 1Slatwall Racks can be used to keep products that vary in shape, size and height in the same place.
For different categories of products use shelves that have an individual look in shape.
Using colour- handle not only helps remember the location of each drug or medicine it again is a unique method of not shelving the same product in two different places.
With the present boom that the medical sector is undergoing, it will be wise to rethink the overall design and layout of the pharmacy. Make use of the tips given above, while considering the change.

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DonracksWays To Increase The Storage Capacity Of Your Pharmacy

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