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Slotted angle racks are the ideal storage system that facilitates the consolidation and organization of inventory management in your business. These shelving solutions are versatile and can be used to store goods of different shapes and sizes. They are durable, sturdy and long-lasting racking systems that offer value for money for your warehousing needs. They are portable within the warehouse and across locations. With an easy-to-assemble design, you can set up your storage counters in a matter of a few hours.

Donracks is the leading one-stop storage solutions expert with branches spanning all over India. Be it shelving racks, slotted angles, cantilever racks, fruit and vegetable racks, footwear racks, departmental store racks or home appliance racks; we have it all! All you need to do is to visit us at any of our stores.

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Donracks is the leader in slotted angle racking solutions and has been delivering durable racking systems made of sturdy materials, matching international standards for quality.
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Slotted angle racks in Bangalore are the ideal choice for augmenting the available space for maximum storage. This is why these find applications in several industries and smaller stores like the grocery shops and stalls. So how do these racks help in optimizing the storage capacity for your business? Let us discover.

Unique space-saving features of slotted angle racks in Bangalore

Adjustable racks

Slotted angle racks are made by combining components of slotted angles and shelves that can be fit in these angles. This design provides an adjustable feature wherein the angles can be aligned differently to increase or decrease the height of the shelves. Though this is a useful feature, care must be taken when installing this type of shelves. A faulty installation can collapse the shelves causing damage to the products and posing a danger to the staff working on the floor.
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Flexible Shelving

Businesses that are always scaling up and expanding their operations, should consider slotted angle shelving systems. Slotted angle racks offer flexible shelving solutions for your stores and warehouses. They can be reconfigured to meet the increasing storage needs of your business. You can increase or decrease your rack size and ensure more storage without having to expand your warehouse facilities. Thus, these racks prove much more economical than renting additional storage space.

slotted angle shelves manufacturer in India

These racks enable businesses to optimally use their floor space and warehouse height and improve their storage capacity. Thus, enterprises can increase their stockpile and handle speedy fulfilment and distribution in Bangalore. What’s more, with their long-lasting quality, these slotted angle racks remain in use for years together and require marginal maintenance.

Plan your storage requirements

The key to getting the perfect storage system is to plan the storage requirement and space needs effectively. It requires a thorough analysis of the warehouse spaces to ensure the length and breadth of the facility is utilized optimally.

Donracks has the best team of experienced professionals who can analyze your floor space and help you choose the right kind of shelving solutions. Get in touch with us today. We shall guide you plan, design, customize and deploy high-quality shelving solutions that fit your budget and space.