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Supermarket racks in Bangalore are often under or overutilized. Both these conditions lower the sales of a supermarket. Of the two, overstocking is a more common problem. In this article, we discover the reasons why shelves in retail stores are overloaded, and how can it be corrected?

Overstocked Supermarket Racks In Bangalore

  • Poor stock management is the number one reason for overstocking. It becomes especially true when the retail store lacks sufficient storage space in the backroom. In such a situation, the retailer piles up all the products on the racks. Moreover, if perishables are approaching their expiry date, then the overstocking reaches its limits.
  • Bad staff management is another cause of improper use of supermarket racks. When employees are not trained in stocking, they are unaware of the issues, risks and problems that come with over or understocking. While over-stocking can cause damage to the shelves, understocking reduced sales of the shop.

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What Happens When Supermarket Racks In Bangalore Are Overloaded?

When supermarket racks in Bangalore are overstocked, their poles begin to bow with the weight. It happens because:

  • Employees do not know the weight load limits of the supermarket racks and shelves.
  • Employees assume the products stocked are lighter than their actual weight.

To counteract this problem, many Bangalore supermarkets mention the weight limit of each shelf on stickers. It tells the staff how much stock the rack can withhold. But this step is only helpful if the team is aware of the weight of each SKU. If the employee doesn’t know the weight of the merchandise, they can’t calculate how many items to place on the shelf.

How To Keep Supermarket Racks In Bangalore From Being Overstocked?

Products displayed in racks and shelves in supermarket

The worst-case scenario of an overloaded shelf is a collapse. The shelved lose their integrity, break down and damage the stock. In case there are customer or staff around during the collapse, they may get injured too. Thankfully, supermarket racks are manufactured to show signs of misuse. If the shelves have bent shelving brackets or bowing poles, they indicate overloaded racks. To prevent this from happening, the following tactics should be employed.

  • Use an inventory control system to maintain the stock at an optimal level. When the supermarket has just enough quantity of merchandise, it neither overstocks the racks nor understocks them. For small supermarkets, it means manually counting the inventory each week or month and ordering supplies. For bigger supermarkets, it implies investing in inventory management software.
  • Invest in the right supermarket rack. For instance, if the product you are selling is of substantial weight, then heavy-duty shelving would be the right option. Or if you are expanding the supermarket, then buying more racks and shelves would make sense rather than overloading existing once.
  • Make proper use of the supermarket racks. A lot of retailers in Bangalore make the mistake of shelving all the heavy merchandise on one rack and all the light items on another. A better strategy is to shelve two products of different weights next to each other. One heavy SKU with one light SKU keeps the racks from overloading.
  • Irrespective of the other steps you take, if the staff is not adequately trained the shelves will still be incorrectly stocked. Therefore, teach every employee how to stock the racks with the recommended weight limits in mind. Train them to keep an eye for overloaded racks and correct them immediately. Also, ask them to always be on the lookout for damaged racks or weakened shelves.

All it takes is some common sense to stock supermarket racks in Bangalore efficiently and correctly. As long as the weight is evenly distributed across the shelf, mishaps will not happen. Additionally, all excess merchandise should be removed from racks and damaged or weakened shelves repaired or replaced swiftly. For further information on load limits of supermarket racks, get in touch with us!