5 Important Reasons For Building Mezzanine Floors!

Mezzanine flooring is a boon for manufacturing or storage facilities that are running out of space and need to either rebuild or relocate to continue operations. When real estate is at a premium, mezzanine floors can free up a whole new dimension of possibilities. Literally! They put to better use all that yawning empty, vertical space that otherwise remains unused in a warehouse or godown.

Five Compelling Reasons To Use A Steel Mezzanine Floor. Details Below!

Mezzanine Floor Manufacturers Chennai, give these five convincing reasons why one should go for steel mezzanine flooring.

1 Increase Storage

Mezzanine floors make the best possible use of the empty overhead space of a warehouse for storage. They are mostly constructed on stilts which would hardly disturb the existing configuration on the floor space. With such a tiny footprint, they are able to increase the available storage space in the unit substantially. You can even choose to add more than one tier of mezzanine floors if your building is tall enough.

2 Organize Better

Sometimes, mezzanine flooring is used to separate workflows and organize them better using all the extra space provided by them. For example, you could perhaps use the lower level for storing raw materials and half-finished goods while stocking the completed ones in the mezzanine. In many cases, the mezzanine floors have also been converted into a closed office space that will offer an oasis of quiet from the often noisy shop floor!

3 Avoid Rebuilding/Relocation

Many businesses and manufacturing units are forced to expand or move to other locations for want of space. With the removal of space constraints by way of mezzanine levels, they can stay in the same place for many years even if the business grows substantially over time!

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Least Expensive Way To Increase Storage, Say Mezzanine Floor Suppliers!

4 Save Money

As you see, by building mezzanine floors the business can reap immense cost benefits. Increased storage at minimal cost. No rebuilding cost. No relocation cost. An organized workflow makes for an increase in efficiency, once again leading to cost savings.

5 Increase Resale Value

A happy side benefit of adding a loft level to a building is the increase in its resale price. If ever you decide to relocate the business for some other reason, you will get a better price for the current building due to the square footage provided by the mezzanine floor.

Other Awesome Things That You Should Know About Mezzanine Floor Construction!

Not just in the manufacturing industry, mezzanine floors can also be used in other large spaces such as Malls, Offices, Transport Facilities, Showrooms (Furniture, Cars, etc.) and Auction Houses.

What is more amazing is the little time it takes to add a steel mezzanine floor to an existing building, because there is no need to make any change to the structure of the unit. With a short downtime of as low as 3 to 5 days, you can get a brand new storage level built in your manufacturing or storage facility!

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