5 Things You Must Know About Pallet Shelving Racks!

5 Things You Must Know About Pallet Shelving Racks!

Pallet Rack Manufacturers Are the Prime-Movers of Industrial Storage!

Pallet racks are the best solution ever for industrial shelving! They are the go-to option for large-scale storage of goods in warehouses, godowns and factories. Pallet racks can hold several types of merchandise or raw materials and can be stacked one on top of the other to make use of the vertical spaces in a warehouse effectively. Pallet rack manufacturing is hence an essential cog in industrial activity!

Pallet shelving racks can be used to store everything from dusty, old files in an office basement to heavy-duty spare parts in an industrial warehouse. They are easy to install too! But, before you get them installed in your industrial facility, there are some factors to consider before installing pallet racks.

Five Essential Things You Must Know About Pallet Shelving Racks!

What Products Are You Going To Store?

The size and weight of the goods you are planning to store are what decide the pallet racks to use. The product has to fit precisely into the pallet with no overhang. You need to consider the size and shape to determines the dimensions of your pallet racks as well as whether you need bottom boards. Remember that pallet racks are essentially stacked. So, the overall load on the shelves will increase as you add more and more layers. The stands need to be sturdy enough to bear the weight!

Geography of the Location

You need to consider the location of the storage as well while deciding your pallet rack shelves. You need take special precautions in case of earthquake-prone areas. The concrete floors used should be able to the weight of the pallet racks as well as have potential ground motion to mitigate damage caused by earthquakes. There should be sufficient clearance, especially from the walls and columns.

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Pallet Rack Design is an Essential Component of Industrial Shelving!

Design of the Pallet Racks

Pallet racks should be designed in such a manner as to be sturdy and robust enough to withstand heavy duty load. The connections between the horizontal and vertical lines that make up the frame have to be 100% fail safe. From constructing the frames to adding the braces between them must be a precise and well-controlled process. Looking at the profile of the rack, you should be able to see uniform clearance between the storage bays. Other factors such as the material of the shelves matter too. Steel racks offer higher load capacities than wood or other materials. The aisle width also a consideration.

Rack Decking

The stability of pallet rack shelving can be further strengthened using other materials such as wire or wood. Wire decks seem the most popular choice, by far.

Lifting Loads

While planning to install pallet racks, you need to consider how the products are going to be lifted and fitted into the pallets. Forklifts serve this purpose very well. Aisle width we saw earlier is also a factor in this decision!

Armed with all this knowledge, you can find the best pallet rack shelving for your industrial storage needs. Several noteworthy steel rack manufacturers in Chennai provide some of the best pallet rack storage solutions in the country. Get in touch with them for a consultation and say goodbye to your industrial storage problems!

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