All You Should Know About Long Span Storage Shelving Units

Long span shelving systems are always in demand, thanks to its flexibility, strength & cost-effectiveness, apart from being the ideal solution for the long run. Ideally suited for any type or size of goods, these racks do not occupy much of floor space; making it the best choice for retail and industrial houses with space constraints. Installing these shelving storage racks is simple and does not require expert help, and it can be quickly and easily assembled and disassembled.

Donracks delivers quality stainless steel storage racks for all your industrial and commerical needs across India. We have warehouses at Bangalore, Coimbatore, Chennai, Trichy, Hyderabad, Delhi, Vijayawada, Cochin to meet the industrial and retail storage needs.

Types of Long Span Retail Display Shelving Units

Steel shelves: For those heavy duty retail displays, steel is the most popular material used in retail display shelves. These shelves are durable & long lasting; hence, are also popular as warehouse & basement storage solution. The height of these shelves can be altered offering additional flexibility.

Wooden shelves: These shelves can be found in many places like factories, workshops, offices, homes, schools, etc. The wooden long-span shelving is cost-effective when compared to steel shelves; but is durable and flexible like the former. Similar to the steel racking solution, the height is adjustable; thereby making it the best storage shelving unit for both commercial and industrial use.

Securaspan: Commercial shelving units that require security for storing the items are placed in these long-span shelving systems. These units can be locked and hence provides a secure place to store things. They also come in varied sizes and shapes like the other long-span shelving types.

Mesh shelves: This type is considered one of the most beneficial materials when compared to the other three types of shelving due to its fire safety potentials. Moreover, these are best suited as retail display shelves as they do not accumulate dust and looks better than the other types.

Building Your Storage Shelving Unit
All You Should Know About Long Span Storage Shelving Units

Though buying a commercial shelving unit is the most straightforward solution, if you are running a tight budget then you can do-it-yourself too! You can either buy new or used long-span shelving system along with some other accessories that are required to fix it. The shelves are then added to the frames and clips are used to secure it in its place. All most storage racks in Chennai are designed to be free of bolts and screw, thereby making it an easy fix solution. Clips are used to secure the shelves; unclipping will disassemble it. However, if you intend to wall mount the racks, you will need bolts and brackets.

Benefits of Long Span Shelving and Storage Racks

● Lightweight but sturdy: Irrespective of the type of shelving you use, these are sturdy, light weight and durable. This makes it easy to move around to suit your needs. The steel shelves can hold up to 500 kgs of weight and do not rust.

● Flexible: The height can be adjusted and can be customized to the size of the material you want to store.

● Saves space: You can efficiently use the space by going vertical by having multi-storied storage units.

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