Identifying and installing the right shelving system is important if you are running a warehouse or a business that requires a lot of storage space. However, choosing the right shelving system is easier said than done. Today,
rack manufacturers and suppliers offer many choices that can leave you overwhelmed. Hence it is best to know which shelving solution is the top choice for warehouse owners.

Currently, boltless shelving systems are grabbing headlines because it is packed with benefits for warehouses, storage centres, and stockrooms.

What are boltless shelves?

Boltless shelves are also known as fastener shelves or riveted shelves. Unlike other shelving systems, boltless shelves are- boltless! They do not have any screws, nuts, or bolts to hold them together. Instead, they have rivets that can be snapped in place to create shelves of whatever dimensions you require. This is what makes this shelving system stand apart from other shelves and racks.

Boltless shelving is of two types- regular and long-span.

Regular or Single-rivet Boltless Shelving

Single-rivet boltless shelves are made of particle-board, wood, or aluminium decking. These shelving systems are simple and lightweight, making them ideal for storing low to medium-weight products. Single-rivet boltless shelves comprise:

  • 48″ thin steel beams
  • Lightweight appearance
  • Cold-rolled sheet steel

These features provide adequate structural integrity for all light and medium applications. Single-rivet boltless shelves are used in small packaging distribution centres, residential garages, and shops that sell small tools and spare parts.

Long-Span Boltless Shelving

These boltless shelving systems are known as long-span shelving because their heavy-duty nature allows them to hold larger and heavier items (up to 96″ wide).
The posts and decking are often more robust steel, providing excellent structural integrity. While the added strength makes this unit stronger, there is one small drawback- the access to the device is less than that of a single-rivet unit. Distribution centres, supply rooms and other warehousing facilities often have long-span shelving. Often, these systems are used in conjunction with traditional industrial shelving systems, such as pallet racking systems.

Our article lists all the benefits you gain by investing in boltless shelving systems. Let’s explore them one by one.

7 Great Benefits Of Installing Boltless Shelving Systems

1. Effortless installation

How many tools do you use to install other shelving units? We bet you use your complete tool kit. On the other hand, all you will need is a rubber mallet or hammer with boltless shelves. Just assemble the parts, use your rubber mallet to hammer them into place, and voila! You have an entire unit assembled in no time. With fewer parts comes easier assembly and lower shipping costs.

2. Easy customisation

Customising boltless shelves can be done in a jiffy because it is easy and convenient. Boltless shelves come in a variety of sizes and configurations. You can easily customise the units to suit the space available in your warehouse. These shelves are ideal for storing small items and bulky, fragile, and unusually shaped items as an added advantage.

3. Ample accessibility

One major advantage of boltless shelving is the ample space it provides from all sides. The improved accessibility helps to locate items easily, instead of wasting time looking for them. It also makes cleaning easier, thereby improving efficiency and safety.

4. Space optimisation

You can connect boltless shelving and arrange it with minimal space between units, thereby maximising the space in your warehouse. Whether you have a large or small warehouse, your shelving system should allow you to use the space wisely. And boltless shelving is the best bet to optimise your space and store the maximum amount of products as effectively as possible.

5. Added durability and safety

Boltless shelves are made from galvanised steel to make them durable for years. You do not have to worry about issues like rust and corrosion. Your boltless shelving provides a safe storage environment for your products. Moreover, it minimises the risk of accidents when your staff are moving through the warehouse and accessing items.

6. Economical price point

Looking for a cost-effective storage solution? Experts say that boltless shelving is the best choice. These shelving systems are far more economically priced than other systems. Besides, when you consider their durability, they certainly are a great one-time investment that delivers amazing ROI.

7. Amazing versatility

Boltless shelving can be modified into countless configurations, making it a versatile shelving option. Moreover, there are no sway braces or panels, so the user can access the shelves from any direction, thus making every last square inch useful.

Want to reconfigure your boltless shelving? You don’t need a big tool kit or an army of assistants. You can disassemble your current unit and reassemble it the way you want without breaking a sweat. This simple assembly eliminates hefty installation costs that you would normally incur with other racks and shelves.

Choose Donracks For Boltless Shelving

Donracks, Trichy, offers eclectic storage options for warehouses, offices, manufacturing units, distribution, and retail industries. We offer boltless shelving and racks that are easy to assemble and provide easy access from all sides. To order the right storage solutions, please contact our team today!

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