Do your industrial operations need proper streamlining with the best and economic racking system? Double deep pallet racks might be the best choice for you. These metal racks will be an ideal option to optimize the available space in your factory facility. It can be the best storage solution to stack cargo based on your needs and loading units.

The multiple horizontal rows of racks offer high storage capacities. However, this does not mean that there are any options for medium volume storage. Double deep pallet racking systems can increase the storage density requirements in any warehouse. Double pallet racking has been gaining popularity in recent times as it utilizes less space but aids with storing colossal volumes.

Quick Facts On Double Deep Pallet Racking

A double deep racking system has thick layers to offer more depth and storage density. These compact storage systems have two rows of pallet racks placed back-to-back without a space between them. Furthermore they have an adjustable shelf right in the middle. Hence a double deep racking system is also referred to as the LIFO (Last In, First Out) pallet racking.

The construction and working of a double deep racking system can be understood better when compared to a selective pallet racking system. The selective pallet racking has two single rows of pallet racks. On the contrary, a deep double racking has four single rows of pallet racks. However, the positioning is back-to-back in both.

A double deep pallet racking has two storage locations with a front and rear pallet. The storage racks are back-to-back, and the accessibility to the goods at the back is minimal. The aisles are removable and slightly wider than the other racking systems. A double deep pallet racking system always requires equipment like a forklift to stack goods. However, they are cost-effective as they increase both operational efficiency and space utilization. The LIFO working principle makes them ideal for storing highly rotatable or identical products.

Top Benefits Of Double Deep Pallet Racks

Double deep pallet racks are a versatile solution for a huge storage need in places like Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore and Coimbatore. Let us discuss how adaptable they are to your needs.

High Storage Capacity

A standard rack contains a few inches of space on both its sides. This edge space prevents the goods from falling off the shelves. Storing pallets on a standard rack offers better access through these sides to the merchandise. If you add all the free spaces in an industrial facility, they will amount to a row of pallets or more. Therefore, you are not maximizing the storage space here with a standard rack.

Meanwhile, double deep pallet racks reduce the amount of free space with two pallets back-to-back. The reduction in the area offers 30% more storage capacity than a standard pallet racking system. The setup of a double racking system also ensures securing the merchandise properly. But if you have any doubts about the accessibility, bear in mind that the extra open side is of no use in reality. You do not require a big opening to access goods.

Vertical Storage System

A standard pallet racking system will limit the vertical storage space as you cannot go too high. Going beyond a limit will pose a risk of collapse and cause accidents. Even with a stable foundation, stacking beyond a certain height is impossible. On the contrary a deep pallet racking system is suitable for being constructed vertically high. The two rows will support each other and prevent falling. Furthermore, it has twice the number of footings as a standard pallet rack. This gives additional strength and will not collapse very quickly.


The double deep pallet racking system mechanism makes it less expensive with higher returns on investment. It requires only a basic telescopic reach system that can operate with a lower end forklift. But a standard or selective pallet racking makes use of a pantograph reach system. It has dual accessibility on both sides of the rack, and the mechanism makes it quite complex and expensive.

Guidelines For Choosing A Double Deep Racking System

The unique structure and construction of a double deep pallet rack will undoubtedly be the right choice for your warehouse. As one of the leading rack manufacturers, we want you to know that a few considerations will help increase the rack’s performance. Follow and take into account the following tips for a safe and quick installation in your facility.


The increased depth in a double deep racking system will be challenging to access and place the cargoes. Fixing additional accessories like wire mesh and guide rails will help to load and unload through forklift operations. Ensure that you take the necessary safety measures to solve these issues.

Floor Space

You might already have a racking system in your facility. However, scrapping it off is the only choice to install a double deep pallet racking system. The floor space must be devoid of stationary permanent structures to lay a new double deep pallet rack. Therefore, the floor space has to be initially worked on before planning and implementing the installation process.

New Forklifts

The most significant investment in installing a double deep pallet racking system will be new forklifts. Purchasing new forklifts will contribute to a massive chunk of your budget. In case it does not suit your financial condition, make a variation on your existing forklift. You can fit a counterbalance or extension feature to them.

Wrap Up

Are you looking to store large numbers of products with a long shelf life? You are at the right place. A double deep racking system is sure to optimize your warehouse. It increases space for storage capacity and works efficiently simultaneously. At Donracks, we never compromise on quality and aim to achieve customer satisfaction. This makes our customers get back to us whenever they need more. Talk to us to know more about the double deep racking system.

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