Benefits of FIFO Pallet racks

A rack is a framework of pegs, steel rods or bar wires on which storage articles are arranged. It can also be called a fixture which contains several tiered shelves often affixed to a wall. The racks are used for increasing the efficiency of storage. Here, we will discuss about the FIFO pallet and the waves it is creating in the storage industry. This blog will describe the benefits of FIFO pallet racks.


The FIFO pallet racks :

The First in First Out [FIFO] pallet rack system is widely used in the perishable goods industry. So, what is perishable goods? Perishable goods are those items which perishes or spoils after a set date. Nowadays lot of processed food and ready to eat food are available in the market. To increase the shelf life of such items lot of preservatives are added and it turns out to be poisonous after the expiry date. So, the best option will be to sell it before it gets spoiled, which will avoid loss in the business. Some of the examples of perishable food industry are meat, vegetable, fruits, spices, grains, pulses, flowers, vaccines, blood and pharmaceuticals. Now, let us discuss about FIFO pallet racks:

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  • Automation: The whole system is under automatic control and the operational efficiency increases. The pallets load at the top end of an inclined shelf, the products glide at a controlled level to the other side of the storage rack. There is no spring or mechanical system so it is easy to control. The speed controllers work from the middle point so that the performance increases to the maximum level. They have steel gears which increases the life of machinery, the pallets are set with cast aluminum flow wheels. The use of aluminum and steel will add to its mechanism and speed
  • Pallet RacksTemperature: Dairy products, meat, fish and frozen food gets spoiled if it is not stored under proper temperature. The perishable food products get spoiled under the infestation of bacteria. The FIFO pallet racks are set at a temperature of -30 degree Fahrenheit to 150 degree Fahrenheit which will preserve the food till the expiry date
  • Static pallets: The FIFO pallet racks are best when compared to traditional static racks. For the static racks, the loading and picking of products take place from the front. In the FIFO pallets the loading take place on the back and picking takes place in the front. In the static racks old stocks are pushed in the backward to store new products. This system will lead to spoilage of products and thereby loss. In the FIFO system the new product will automatically slide backward thereby the first in will go out first.
  • Efficiency of the warehouse: The space of the warehouse can be doubled or tripled according to the need. It is a combination of Automated storage and retrieval system along with the warehouse execution system also called WES. The expenditure of maintaining the warehouse and the workforce becomes less and efficient.

The concluding tips :

The FIFO pallet racks have become indispensable for the storage industry specially for perishable goods. It makes a huge difference in the bottom line of your business. The FIFO pallets reduces spoilage of products thereby increasing the productivity. If you are in storage industry, one of the primary steps is to take an opinion from a Storage rack manufacturer and install the FIFO pallet racks in your warehouse.

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