Empty display rack is kept in the supermarket that has plenty of items for sale.

With your shoppers transitioning to online stores, it is time to devise new plans to bring the crowds to your retail stores. One efficient way of doing it is by using retail display units to improve the overall look of your store.

An Intro to Retail Display Units & Their Types

Display holds a prime spot in the retail world. One prime retail strategy is pulling in customers with an attractive display and effective communication. The display is, in fact, one of the first points of contact between shoppers and products.

In this scenario, retail display units can completely transform retail spaces and improve the shopping experience for customers. An effective display unit can highlight even the simplest product and increase sales. It can seduce shoppers into looking at the products by making them more visible, tangible, and accessible.

There are two types of retail display units that are taking the retail world by storm.

1. Standalone POP Displays

POP display or Point of Purchase refers to any freestanding display unit that draws attention to its location and the product it holds. Carefully designed and installed to stand separately from fixed installations on the shop floor, these displays are available in various models like:

  • Entryway Displays are used right at the store entrance to promote a particular product.
  • Dump Bins are giant containers that hold smaller items like candies, chocolates, socks, hair accessories, etc.
  • Window displays are used to display the best products on shop windows and attract the passing crowds.
  • Freestanding displays are more compact and organised to hold larger products. These display units come with shelves and hooks.

2. Retail Shelving Display

Retail shelvings are fixed installations that are placed in alignment with the store’s layout. A well-planned layout combined with customised departmental store display racks can make a difference, goading customers to stay and shop longer and return more often.

This shelving type has some attention-grabbing models such as:

  • Shelf Talkers or units with signage boards that carry useful information for shoppers like discount details, product names, brand names, etc.
  • Clip Strips are exclusively used to display and cross-merchandise with bigger products available in the store.
  • End-cap displays are shelves with many aisles at both ends of a double-sided shelf used primarily in supermarkets and grocery stores.

Today, the shopper’s instinct is highly driven by what they see, and there is no underestimating the effectiveness of a good display unit in impacting your sales and boosting your clientele. These units also play a crucial role in helping you communicate with potential customers and explaining the products on display.

Read on to know how retail display units can make your business stand out in a fiercely competitive environment.

8 Benefits of Using Retail Display Units for Your Business

1. Display units are cost-effective

Retail units cost much less than other fancy options, from manufacturing to shipping and installation. Most retail layouts have predetermined spaces with specific measurements, making it easier to customize the units to fit the allocated space. Moreover, retail display shelves and standalone units are lightweight and easy to install or dismantle.

Above all, these stands are a one-time investment. Once the frame and dimensions are created, you can reuse the unit by changing the display. You can use them at several events and only change the screen based on the theme.

2. Display units are customizable

Customization is the secret mantra to surviving a fiercely competitive retail world. Customization ups the ante. A custom display stand helps you express the brand strategy to your audience and design the stand exactly how you want. Display stands can be customized according to your colors, design, or structure preferences.

The likelihood of a customer purchasing an item increases greatly when they can find what they want in a much more prominent display. Additionally, this enables your brand to achieve a high level of goodwill in the minds of your customers. in terms of the shopping experience, which is highly valued by most shoppers.

3. Display units provide easy accessibility

Open display stands to highlight the products from all angles, making them easily accessible to potential customers. Ease of access is a big advantage and a vital criterion that the current generation of shoppers look for. Display stands with multiple openings will attract more visitors and increase your chances of promoting your business. Due to their simple design, these display stands take less time to create and install.

4. Display units increase customer satisfaction

All customers want a positive and enjoyable shopping experience and are willing to pay more if that is what it takes to gain that experience. Customers are happier when they are better informed on what to buy, where to locate their requirements, and what products are available. Happy customers not only spend long hours at your store but also make frequent trips and spread positive reviews which are great for your store.

5. Display units make shopping more convenient

Convenience is a major contributing factor to customer satisfaction. Businesses prioritizing their customers’ shopping convenience have better chances of sustaining the competition. Utilizing display units to exhibit the merchandise is an ideal way of delivering exactly what your customers want. A more convenient shopping experience leads to more purchases for customers.

6. Display units improve brand presence

Display units positioned strategically act as a salesperson improving your brand presence and thereby sales. If positioned ideally, your brand gets noticed 24/7. This in turn generates more leads and increases walk-ins to the store.

7. Display units target impulsive buyers

Impulsive buyers purchase first and justify their purchases later. Retail stores generate more than half of their revenue through impulse purchases. Generally, most consumers make purchases based on emotional decision-making rather than logical reasoning. Encourage impulse purchases by placing signs on merchandise to motivate customers to buy. This will make them more likely to see and feel tempted by the product.

8. Display units improve your revenue

You may want to know how this happens. Display units have signs that grab your customers’ attention, gently coaxing them to buy products that may not have been on their minds. Signage also announces the launch of new products, packages, promos, offers, and combo sales. Grab your customers’ attention, and you have won half the retail battle.

Strategize Your Business with Retail Display Units

Many businesses opt for customized display stands to beat the competition in an ever-growing retail world. The reason? These units will continuously generate new leads and increase the footfall for any retail business. As already mentioned, they act as a round-the-clock promotion and advertising solution, which makes them a great one-time investment.

So, waste no time in investing in retail display units. Donracks, Chennai, specializes in designing and manufacturing customized display units for all retail players. Want to talk business? Contact us today!

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