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When it comes to brick and mortar retail stores, how you display your merchandise drives the attention of customers and hence conversion. It is why retail storage racks manufacturers in Chennai play a critical role in enhancing sales. In this post, we take a look at some creative ideas on how to use storage racks to increase sales. But first, we understand why visual merchandising is so important.
Research shows that humans use all five senses to process information in the following order:

  • Sight is 83%
  • Hearing is 11%
  • The smell is 3.5%
  • Touch is 1.5%
  • Taste is 1%

It is evident that what we see is the most essential factor. Because people are visual in nature, displaying your wares correctly is critical to selling more. It is also the reason why, even in the digital world of today, offline stores are still thriving.
So, use winning retail displays and grab the attention of your customers using these tips and tricks.

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The display racks should promote touch and feel

Customers come to a brick and mortar shop because they like to feel an item before they shop for it. Therefore, the first trick is to create a display that encourages every person to touch and feel the merchandise they wish to buy. A simple technique here is to unbox the products. If you keep boxed items on the shelves, the customer will not be able to feel it and thus would be less likely to buy it.
If you sell hairdryers, take them out of the box and shelve them in easily accessible storage racks. If you sell shoes, display them openly so that patrons can try them on.

Add a touch of greenery to the racks

Plants added between Retail display racks An unbroken line of merchandise displayed on storage racks can get boring and tedious. An easy trick to breathe some life to the visual display is to utilize plants. A touch of green not only breaks the eye and catches the attention of the customer but also makes merchandising more attractive. Moreover, the shopping experience becomes slightly healthier and much, much more pleasant.
Here are a few reasons why you should think of adding plants to your display racks:

  • It makes the display more inviting, which lessens the stress customers feel while shopping. Ultimately, they spend more time shopping!
  • They improve the quality of indoor air by purifying it. Furthermore, plants absorb noise, which reduces sound pollution!

In short, greenery can accentuate any retail display rack and promote customers to shop more.

Make use of portable display racks

Attractive retail display racksIf your retail store has limited floor space, portable storage racks are the best choice. They are easier to move, which means you can create new displays without any effort and make better use of the space. Some more benefits of portable racks are:

  • They keep your visual merchandising focused on the product that has the most impact.
  • They can be moved around to make room for more significant items when needed.

Use the same rack for displaying different merchandise. Generally, one display rack is utilized to show off just one product, but surveys prove that cross-merchandising can be really useful. It can enhance basket size because it subtly encourages shoppers to look at items that complement what is already in their shopping basket. As they discover new products, the average order value also rises.
Hence, visual merchandising done right always includes at least some cross displays such as shelving a purse, a jacket, and a blouse together or putting chips and drinks next to each other.

Educate the shoppers with your display

There are some products that need to be explained to customers. Instead of relying on the staff, use the display racks to educate your patron. Give each item ample display space and use part of the rack to explain in writing what the product does.
For example, the top shelf of a rack can have the product image along with a short description of what it does, how it can be used, and why it helps the customer. Below this, the actual item can be displayed.

Don’t stuff your display racks

Retail stores, in their goal, to display as many items as they have, tend to overstuff display racks. At times, this tactic backfires because it overwhelms the shopper. The trick is to make sufficient use of the display. Don’t fill up the entire rack nor leave it empty. Sometimes, less is more, especially in retail stores, where space is equated to value.

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