How to Buy Feature-Rich Shopping Carts For Your Business

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Shopping carts or shopping trolleys are synonymous with supermarkets and retail outlets around the globe. Whether they are buying just a bag of chips or an entire month’s grocery supplies, customers love using shopping carts primarily for the convenience they provide.

So, what should you look for in shopping carts if you plan on acquiring them for your business? Let’s dive into the details.

Shopping For Shopping Carts: 9 Features to Be Aware Of

From simple wheel-fitted, handle-pulled shopping baskets to hi-fi shopping carts fitted with cameras, sensors, and computer vision algorithms, shopping trolleys are available in more designs than you can imagine.

To make your job less overwhelming, here are the top features to look for when choosing shopping carts for your supermarket, grocery store, or retail outlet.

1. Compact Size

Before choosing your trolleys, find the answers to these two questions:

  • How big is the space between the aisles?
  • How much square footage does your outlet cover?

The answers will let you know if you need large or compact-sized shopping trolleys. After all, your shoppers should find it convenient enough to push the cart around without bumping into each other or knocking down displayed products! It would help if you also considered that the number of shoppers could surge during peak hours.

You can choose both large and compact-sized shopping trolleys if you have the space convenience.

2. Mobility and Manoeuvrability

Check if the shopping cart of your choice is manoeuvrable enough to glide effortlessly through the maze of aisles even when fully loaded. Also, check for mobility- a vital aspect that enables the cart to be used from any of its four sides. Mobility and manoeuvrability are vital aspects that make the trolley more functional and manageable.

3. Overall Weight

How light or heavy is the shopping cart when empty? A good cart is lightweight yet sturdy and strong enough to bear a good load. Remember that your shoppers will not assess the load-bearing capacity of the cart. Instead, they will pile it with as many products as they can hold and move on to an empty cart only due to lack of space in the first one. So, choose one that is structurally sturdy enough to bear any load.

4. Design Matching Store Furniture

It is essential that the transport systems of the purchase, such as baskets and shopping trolleys, are designed to match the rest of your store’s furniture. With its modern aesthetic, a shopping trolley should look inviting enough for customers to use it, giving them an immersive shopping experience.

5. Ergonomic Convenience

An important ergonomic aspect is the trolley handle that will be used to move the cart around the outlet. Shoppers who spend a lot of time browsing and buying products will want a trolley with a conveniently designed handle at the right angle and height. These aspects should allow the user to hold on and move the cart without any hassles.

Another ergonomic factor is accessibility. How deep and wide is the cart? Check if it is convenient enough to load and unload items at the cash counter.

6. Customisation Convenience

Does the trolley or rack manufacturer offer customisation of your shopping trolleys in specific colours and logos? If you are heavily into customisation, you may not want to overlook this aspect and let “odd-looking” trolleys dent your customer’s shopping experience.

7. Space Saver

Every square meter of your store costs money, and the space’s primary function is product display. Ensure that the shopping trolleys align with the store size and do not take up too much space when stacked. Fortunately, most shopping carts are easily stackable, portable, and do not take up too much space.

8. Strength & Durability

A good shopping trolley should last for many years. It is imperative to check for:

  • Material used.
  • Spare parts used (like bolts, screws, nuts, rods, wheels)
  • Maintenance and service availability
  • Spare parts availability
  • High loading capacity

9. Capacity

Lastly, ensure your choice aligns with the product your business offers. Do not end up investing in trolleys that do not match your business format. After all, you do not want to waste money and effort on trolleys that your customers will hardly use.

The above-listed features should help you pick the best shopping trolley design for your business. It’s now time to get down to specifics- Shopping Cart Portability. What is it? Portability refers to how easily an object can be moved, stacked, stored, carried, or operated. As in the case of shopping carts, finding the right balance between portability and functionality is easier said than done.

However, portability cannot be overlooked because it contributes to a positive shopping experience. A customer should be able to take a cart and happily manoeuver it anywhere within your outlet without much effort.

When it comes to shopping cart portability, there are certain aspects to consider.

5 Portability-Enhancing Features in Shopping Carts

1. Wheels

Shopping carts without wheels are useless, as are carts without strong, sturdy bearings. High-quality wheels ensure:

Good control
Minimum noise
Maximum carrying capacity

2. Double Trays

Two-tiered shopping carts are fast becoming popular amongst shoppers because they are compact, easily manoeuvrable, and offer the option of two storage spaces instead of one.

3. Lighter carts

The best and quickest way to achieve maximum portability is to go for carts made of lightweight and durable material. Shoppers do not want to be lugging around heavy carts. Lighter carts make shopping safer, easier, and more enjoyable.

4. Baby seats

Shoppers prefer shopping carts fitted with baby seats and a harness that can safely hold babies and toddlers AND all the shopping items. Baby seats also enable the user to shop while the children enjoy their little trip around your store. This multi-functional feature should be a part of your shopping cart.

5. Foldable carts

Some customers prefer to shop with their personal shopping carts, which fold up when empty or unused. Foldable carts require very limited space and are lightweight and sturdy. Many of these carts open up to reveal deep nests that can house several products.

The gist is that if you want to retain your customers and improve your sales, make sure you invest in high-quality, portable shopping carts. Want to know more about shopping carts and other retail storage solutions? Contact Donracks, shopping carts and rack manufacturers in Chennai, and allow us to customise your orders with the best manufacturing processes.


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