Find the Right Shelves in your Pharmacy! Here is how.

pharmacy rackLooking to start a brand new pharmacy? Or having massive storage problems in your existing one? Here are our tips for sorting out your medicine storage with the right kind of pharmacy racks!

Why is it so important to use the right kind of pharmacy shelving?

Pharmacies have an important role to play in the healthcare industry, acting as veritable liaison officers between drug companies and end consumers. Good pharmacies have trained and knowledgeable professionals who are entrusted with the important responsibility of dispensing prescription and OTC drugs to the general populace. They simply do have any room for error!

The design of storage racks in a pharmacy should, thus, aim to make life easier and more efficient for these pharmacists. The storage and shelving configuration of the pharmacy goes a long way in ensuring that!

Factors you need to keep in mind while selecting the best pharmacy racks in Chennai.

Storage Potential

Most pharmacies have to get by with limited retail space, a portion of which needs to be earmarked for bulk storage of medicines too. It takes a bit of creative thinking and problem-solving to effectively store your stock while utilizing the limited retail space of your pharmacy to the maximum. Your retail pharmacy storage racks have to occupy the minimal real estate while offering plenty of storage space.


Easy visibility is a must for pharmacy racks since they often twin as both storage and display units. So, do not go for racks where you have to store medicines two deep or more! Invest in display racks that make it easy for your pharmacists to locate and navigate to the required medicines.


Keep your storage space clutter-free and organised to make access to any medicine easy and quick. Misplacement of drugs and inability to access them are probably some of a pharmacist’s worst nightmares. A lot of time and effort can be saved by ensuring easy accessibility to all medicines. It greatly reduces the probability of errors too.

Product Movement

Your storage solution has to consider the speed of movement of various products. Some drugs, especially the OTC ones and long term medications, tend to move much faster than the others. Make sure the shelves storing them are easily accessible and quickly restockable.

Space Utilisation

Retail pharmacy racks need to be able to take up less physical space and provide maximum display potential for the drugs. Consult your pharmacy shelves dealer for expert opinion of how best to position the display racks in and around your pharmacy.


This is especially crucial for storage of narcotics, opioids and other controlled medicines. If your pharmacy has a license to store and dispense such restricted drugs, be sure that your storage racks can be secured in a tamper-proof manner and accessible only to a limited number of personnel.

In addition to all these factors, make sure that you are up-to-date on your local guidelines and regulations regarding storage and display of medicines and incorporate them into your pharmacy shelving design.

If You are Looking for Good Quality Pharmacy Racks, Chennai has Some of the Best Shelf Makers in the Country!

Running a pharmacy is no child’s play. But with the right shelving design, you will be doing yourself a favour by making your job easier, more efficient and positively error-free. Go, find a good dealer of pharmacy racks in Chennai and the right shelves for your pharmacy! See a huge difference in your business!

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