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Retail shopping has become an experience. No matter the size or nature of the retail shop, modern retail shops today present an entire range of brand and products that enables the customer to experience shopping with their senses. It is a fact that 80% of the people who walk into a retail store rate their shopping experience with their eyes. Hence, correct lighting can play a decisive role in making their experience a comfortable and happy one, which has a direct impact on their purchase decision and thereby the turnover of the retail store.

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Focus on Productslighting on goods
Proper lighting and design enables customers to focus on the goods on display, underlines the brand image and helps guide the customer through the store. Lighting solutions must embrace all aspects which include special power spots that highlights a display, specific platforms for offers and deals, high pressure discharge lamps that accentuates the coloring, defining features of a product, etc.

Undivided AttentionInnovative lighting and design
Innovative lighting and design has become an essential element in retail marketing in the present day. This encompasses all the principles that are required to attract the potential customer while helping to keep their undivided attention and interest. The main aim for any design is to create an ambience that makes the customer comfortable so that it instigated them to make purchase decisions when they walk into a retail store.

Creating an Ambienceambience of a retail store
The mood and the ambience of a retail store can change with a chance in the lighting and design. This means that a revitalized lighting and design you can attract more customers, increase your business potential and enhance the image of the brand. It is important though that the elements of a good design must be inculcated into the lighting systems that enable it to standout from the rest. Innovative lighting and designs need to be based on some principles that aids in finding the right balance between offering variety while having some uniformity.

Basic Principles of a Good Lighting Design for Retail Outlets
• Repetition and uniformity of designs facilitates unity and offers a harmonious atmosphere
• Intensity of lights, pattern changes and styles have to be focused on attracting the attention of the walk-in customer
• Contrast lighting always invokes interest

If the entire retail unit follows these three principals there is not denying the fact that there will be a newfound positive change in the number of people who walk-in and the quantum of sales. It is very important that the entire lighting and design is focused on offering a comfortable yet attractive ambience for the customers. The general ambience lighting needs to be uniform, throwing in patterns and special designs on this may not look good. So, there needs to be a line drawn as to where the innovations must come and where it is not recommended to tread on it.

Drawing Attention
A shop window is the attraction point for any customer. Proper lighting and design can act as the stage that helps to lure in passersby and convert them into customers. High efficiency lighting solutions are the best choices here as it helps to enhance the window display and design.

Welcoming Into The Retail Fold
The entrance area needs to be lit up properly and the important highlights of the store need to catch the attention of the walking-in customer. A welcoming atmosphere that merges in with the ambience will lead them into the store.

Orientation and Stage Management
The sales floor is where the actual marketing takes place. The lighting and design here aids in two things – customer orientation and sales turnover. The right lighting and design will increase customer curiosity, offers a new perspective and instigates the decision to buy. It is important to create a feeling of space while supporting spatial concepts that enables certain areas to seem bigger than usual and direct the attention of the customers to places where you want their attention.

The Center Stage
Important presentation areas such as the display shelf, showcase racks, etc. are areas that prompt the customers to make instant buying decisions. The lighting and design here has to be spot on, it has to accentuate the important details such a color and structure of the product which will help in making the decision to buy.

Point of Sale
The actual point of sale is the counter and cash desk area, which is as important as the first display units. The purchasing decision materializes right here and the customer has to be given a comfortable feel so that he/she will come back again in the future. The working area of the service personnel has to be given importance that enables them to work with concentration. Even the smallest of spaces can be made attractive with the right lighting and design.

Light Up Your Business

It is imperative to note that the first impression counts but the last one can have a lasting effect on the minds of the customers. From the beginning to the end correct lighting can impact the buying decision of the customer and therefore influences your sales. Innovative lighting and designs have a huge role to play in the field of retail marketing. The outlets that start prioritizing will have the leading edge in this highly competitive environment.

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