Layout Concerns That Must Be Addressed By Small Retailers

Small Retailers

Store layout and design impacts buyer behavior to a large extent and more so in the case of small retailers. It can significantly impact a retailer’s overall performance and affects the purchase intentions and attitude of customers towards a particular retail establishment.

A frontage that does not properly talks about the store can possibly drive away potential customers while attracting others who walk-in thinking that it might be their kind of store only to find out that it is not. Even those customers walk out disappointed, hence building a bad image for the retail unit. Hence, it becomes extremely vital for retailers to make good some layout concerns in order to facilitate the growth of their business.

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There is an array of layout concerns that require immediate addressing so as to improvise business prospects of retailers. Some concerns are restrictive to certain kinds of retail units but the common ones are discussed here to benefit a wider spectrum of small retailers.

Window Displays
Most small retailers discard the importance of having a window display. This paves the way for customers to look directly into the entrance of the shop. This is a big mistake as store windows talk a lot about what customers can expect in a retail unit and if they love what they see, they are more likely to walk into the store.
Some small retailers, that have window displays put in so much of clutter so that they don’t miss out on anything, which is also extremely wrong. As much as good window displays can attract customers, bad ones will chase them away. Cramping too many items will make the display window look cheap. Having just a few items creates space luxury that sends a strong communication that the displays are special.

Eye Catching Merchandising Displays In The Entrance
Slowing down your customers must be your aim when they enter the store. This will enable them to concentrate on what you have rather than walking into buy what they want. Eye catching merchandise displays near the entrance or at the point of entrance can help. It is important to position it right.

It has been observed that most customers who walk in have a tendency to look towards the right, anything that you want to catch their attention must be positioned to the right, so that they notice it. It is important though that you must not clutter the entrance with too many merchandising displays which too can put off the customer. You idea must be to slow them down, not to create lack of space!

Choosing A Layout That Suits The Business
What works for one retail sector may not work for the other. Have this in mind while planning your store layout and choose one that will suit your business better. Some retail shops have a grid layout where the customers can walk up and down. This is popular with grocery stores. A loop layout has products in the center with a pathway around it. Supermarket Racks and pharmacies use this kind of layout style. A free flowing layout plan is the best as customers can move anyway that they want and moreover this instigates impulsive buying more than the other two mentioned.

Reduce CountersStore counters
Store counters not only occupy space but also create a distance between the store owner, sales person and the customer. This can create a mental block on the minds of customers where they see the person on the other side as someone who is not part of them. This can send a wrong signal. Counters can be where it is utmost necessary like the point of sale or at places where paperwork is essential.

Beware of Close Proximity Of Another Customer
Customers want their space when they shop. If the aisle is too crowded and there is a chance of a close proximity to another customer, there is a good chance that the 1st customer will lose interest in the merchandise that they are perusing. This attitude is prominently found in women and they may fail to buy items that they may also be interested in. Adequate floor space must be provided for customers so that they enjoy their personal space without coming into close proximity with others.

Enhance VisibilityEnhance Visibility retail racks
Maintaining a good line of sight for products helps in reducing piling inventory. Keeping merchandise low enough to be visible for the customers can help in reducing inventory losses. At the same time, it is important to watch out for shop lifters who can take advantage of it.

Placing At An Angle
The common display method is to keep products parallel to the wall, but to attract attention the merchandise can be placed at an angle. Aisles that angle in from both sides to the central aisle can create a visual interest in the mind of the customer. But this option can be thought of only in places where the aisle is wide enough.

Create Breaks In Between
Long aisles can make customers skip some products on the way. Creating intentional breaks between the aisles can make them look at all the products on display. Special displays can be made at each break which attracts attention of customers.

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