However big or small your store in Bangalore is, a well-thought out store layout plan is a vital asset. It involves more nuances than simply displaying your merchandise on hangers and shelves.

Done right, a good store layout can control:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Store turnover
  • Logistic Flow

A proper store layout design is planned based on the psychological inputs of customers who walk into the store. It has the power to make or break a business. No, we are not joking. Take a look at the various factors that a store layout influences:

  • Customer flow is one of the main factors that is controlled by the layout of your store. How people enter, how they move around, the personal space between customers are vital parameters that decide if the customer has a good shopping experience or not.
  • A smartly planned layout will optimize the use of retail space to increase sales and movement of goods.
  • Prevention of theft and shoplifting is another reason why the layout has to be well-planned.
  • A good or bad layout strikes a psychological and emotional chord with the customer which will invariably result in a good or bad sale.

The types of floor plans and their features:

1. Straight floor plan

  • Implemented largely in stores that use shelving to display their merchandise.
  • Very economical to be implemented in large retail spaces.
  • Creates an organized flow of traffic by arranging shelves in straight lines.

2. Angular floor plan

  • Great choice to give your store a sophisticated vibe.
  • Brings the focus on more popular merchandise.
  • Great for high-end boutiques and flagship stores in Bangalore.

3. Free flow plan

  • Allows for maximum creativity.
  • Merchandise can be displayed on rotating hangers, shelves, display islands, tables and anything that is quirky and functional.
  • Customers can freely browse through the products by moving in any direction.

4. Racetrack or loop plan

  • Products are displayed in a way that encourages customers to walk in a loop.
  • Fixtures and merchandise are fixed strategically to create a guiding path for customers.

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How Smart Is Your Store Layout?

A smart store layout should tick all the right boxes. It should be attractive and clever enough to bring customers and have them coming back time and again.

When planning a store layout, there are some important factors that will determine your store’s basic layout:

  • Types of customers
  • Type of merchandise
  • Area of the store
  • Furniture and equipment that will be used
  • Number of employees

Once the business gets going, you will have to constantly work on the layout to optimize its strategies. It is not just a matter of “fix it and forget it”.

Here are some ways to check if your store layout is smart and feasible:

  • Are customers being led in the right direction? Once a customer walks into your store, he or she should feel at ease to walk around and weave their way through the store and back to the cash counter.
  • Are your product quantities appropriate? The amount of merchandise that you want to display will depend on the business type, image projection, and type of experience you want to create for your customer.
  • Is there enough space between the product and the storage racks? No customer wants to be bumped from behind. Keep in mind that it is an annoyance that will not bring back a lost customer.
  • Freshen up your merchandise displays on regular intervals. The element of surprise is something that will bring shopping buffs back to your store.
  • Create a visual and sensual appeal with strategic lighting, good music and carefully selected interior decor.

The Numerous Ways Of Shop Shelving

Shop shelving and floor layout go hand-in-hand. Both aspects have to be in perfect synchronisation for customers to have a great shopping experience.

There are three aspects that drive shop shelving:

  • Adaptability
  • Affordability
  • Durability

Shop shelving comes in a plethora of choices that one can invest in, depending on the kind of business, budget and space of the shop floor. Talk to the experts in storage solutions in Bangalore and get your shelving needs customized for the shop floor.

Wall shelving

Available in wood, steel, glass, and other sturdy materials, wall shelving is the most traditional, yet most opted choice of retail display racks. Wall shelving is the best way to make maximum use of wall space to store big or small sized merchandise. It also allows for neat, orderly and organized stacking of goods.

Pegboard shelving

Pegboard shelves come with a base shelf and a perforated back panel that is extremely sturdy. They also have various lengths of peg hooks that allow products to be hung up and displayed openly. Pegboard shelving is very suitable to display hardware products, shoes, bags, accessories, and eyewear.

End bays

End bays are wall shelves that have a rear panel that prevents products from falling behind. The rear panels also provide a neat appearance to the display. End bays are mostly preferred in big retail stores because they are available in a wide range of configurations.

Refrigerated shelving units

Used mostly in eateries, hotels, bakeries, cafes, supermarkets, food establishments and stores, refrigerated shelving units have glass fronts that allow unobstructed viewing of the products on the shelves.

Free standing shelving

Slotted angle racks are the perfect example of freestanding shelves. These storage racks are extremely durable and affordable. Free standing shelves can be easily modified to hold small or big merchandise. They can also be compartmentalized to look neat and well-organized.

Magazine shelving

Magazine shelves are mostly used in book shops. Covered on three sides, the shelves are made of wood or steel and have thin or thick slots that will hold the books in place. Other magazine shelves allow books to be arranged back-to-back so the customer can easily sort out the books with their titles.

Wire baskets, segregated dustbins, and other accessories make up the entire range of shop shelving.

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