Warehousing: A Critical Business Requirement

Warehousing is a critical stage of the logistics chain. According to CareRatings, warehousing comprises only 15%-35% of the total logistics cost. However, the role it plays in the supply chain networks is significant. Fueled by the evolution of the retail sector, warehousing has become a major contributor to the rapidly growing Indian logistics industry.

For organisations that depend on warehouses, the name denotes secure spaces to safely store their inventory before shipping it to the end customers. In today’s highly competitive business environment, a well-organised warehouse with a reliable storage system is nothing short of a brilliant investment. Businesses prefer well-built warehouses with safe storage systems that prevent potential hazards to the workers and their goods.

Therefore, enterprises and manufacturers must be familiar with the various systems for efficient inventory storage at warehouses. Complete knowledge of storage methods allows us to select and utilise their benefits. So, let’s take a look.

Types Of Popular Warehouse Storage Systems

What’s the best warehouse? It is one that makes optimum use of space with limited costs. Additionally, there are other factors like quick location, easy organisation and hassle-free inventory storage.

Therefore, a warehouse without a proper storage system is nothing but a large building. Warehouses today depend on several storage systems that align with aspects like:

  • Size of the warehouse
  • Weight and nature of the stored goods
  • Warehouse layout

Based on these aspects, there are six types of warehouse storage systems popularly used for the current logistics requirements.

1.Pallet Rack Systems

The pallet racking system involves the utilisation of single or multi-level pallet storage racks comprising horizontal and vertical pallet beams made of wood, plastic or metal. The racks are topped with pallets, and forklifts move between the racking systems, making warehouses more efficient. Pallet racks are extremely popular because they:

  • Are expandable and can be scaled according to the business requirements.
  • Optimise inventory storage by making use of the vertical storage spaces.
  • Are equipped with slant-back supporting frames to ensure the safety of stored goods.
  • Are available in many different models, such as carton-flow racks, push-back racks, shuttle racks, and pallet live racks.

2. Static Shelving

The oldest form of warehouse storage is static shelving or single stacking- a term that comes from a single row of pallets covering a flat surface. As the name implies, the shelves are immovable. However, they are very sturdy, stable, and reliable. Static shelves have simple, basic, barebone structures. Hence, it is easy to accommodate multiple static shelves at small distances apart from one another. Static shelving is useful for:

  • Storing valuable goods that require special attention during the storage period.
  • Storing lightweight inventories
  • Goods that must be manually picked, placed, and organised.

Static shelving is available in two types:

  • Short span shelves that are suited for small stock items.
  • Long span shelves are ideal for large items that require more space.

3. Mobile Shelving

Although this system is similar to static shelving, these shelves can move and thereby offer adjustable storage spaces. With mobile shelving, the shelves and cabinets are mounted on rails and carriages. This makes inventory more accessible, even in narrow spaces. But what if the shelves move? That’s unlikely because these shelves are fitted with a locking mechanism to keep them in place when they aren’t in use. Mobile shelving is of two types:

  • Mechanically-operated mobile shelves that can be moved by rotating a hand wheel in front of the system. When the wheel is rotated, the shelves will move on tracks to the desired spot.
  • Electrically-operated shelves that can be operated with a push-button controller located at the end of the shelves.

4. Mezzanine Flooring

Mezzanine flooring is the most cost-effective way to construct one or more floors inside a warehouse space. Each mezzanine floor is connected with sturdy metal staircases to enable easy loading and unloading of goods. The best thing about mezzanine floors is that they can be dismantled and reassembled in another warehouse when the need arises.

Currently, mezzanine floors are available in various colours and designs and can be customised to optimise the storage space. Due to its versatility, many businesses are now investing in mezzanine floors to use as office space.

5. Multi-tier Shelving

As the name indicates, multi-tier racking is designed to capitalise on vertical space available after the first stacking layer. Despite the density of the design, multi-tier racks can be easily accessed via staircases, main aisles, and cross aisles. Multi-tier shelves are ideal for:

  • Large quantities of inventory with small, individual unit sizes.
  • Lightweight items like electronics, clothes, and small household appliances.
  • Small hardware items like screws, nuts, bolts, switches, etc.

However, this type of shelving system is not ideal for storing perishable goods.

6. Wire Partitions

Basically, wire partitions are wire cages designed strategically for quick and easy installation and dismantling. Wire partitions greatly enhance warehouse security. Typically, these high-security enclosures are constructed of structurally strong wire meshes. Thus, they create durable, robust, separate high-security storage areas or sections within the facility.

In many warehouses, wire partitions are particularly used for securing tools and merchandise that require additional safety. These heavy-gauge steel partitions are also easy to reduce, expand and modify in any desired shape and size to suit the merchandise.

The Ever-Evolving Warehouse Storage Racks System

From basic godowns to properly constructed storage solutions, warehouses have evolved according to the ever-changing business requirements. Warehouse storage systems play a pivotal role in improving efficiency, maximizing storage space, and ensuring the safety of goods.

If you are thinking about investing in a good warehouse storage racks system in Chennai, you need the help of experts, as your decision can affect the success of your warehouse. At Donracks, Chennai, we have an expert team to give you the right guidance about the various warehouse shelving systems. Contact us to explore your options and make a worthwhile investment!

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