Slotted Angle Racks & Shelving in Bangalore

The word “shelf” has morphed, evolved, and reincarnated itself in many different forms in the current times. Gone are the simple shelves of yesteryear. Today, racks and shelves have been categorized according to their uses, make, and design.

They have revolutionized the use of storage spaces; be it in the domestic, retail, or industrial arena. Of the plethora of racks and shelves that are manufactured today, Slotted Angle Racks are undoubtedly one of the most sought-after.

A brilliant combination of only 2 main components, slotted angles, and shelves, these racks are ubiquitous storage solutions. Slotted Angle Racks or Slotted Angle Shelving Racks as they are widely known, are the most commonly used storage system.

They are most preferred for two important factors:

  • They can be customized as per the user’s specifications.
  • They have extraordinary loading capacity.

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The loading capacity of the slotted angle rack can vary anywhere from 50 kilos/shelf to a whopping 150 kilos/shelf. Some manufacturers take this capacity a notch further to meet the requirements of heavy-duty usage.

The Pragmatic Storage System

Storage and Space are synonymous with each other. They are two facets that complement each other perfectly when the right solution is implemented.

From the teeny-weeny grocery shop or auto repair shop near your house to the gargantuan industrial floors, it is all about storage. And the fact that space is a limited and precious commodity, it only gives more emphasis to make use of clever storage systems.

Slotted angle shelving racks are just what we need. These shelves are simple in structure. But that feature is not to be underestimated.

It is this very basic, simple design that makes the slotted angle rack one of the strongest and sturdiest storage options.

The Components of a Slotted Angle Shelving Rack

FIFO pallet racks from DonracksLike we mentioned earlier in this article, slotted angle racks are made of 2 main components

  • Slotted Angles
  • Shelves

The other accessories that make up the entire structure comprise of

  • Nuts and Bolts
  • Plastic Shoes
  • Corner Plates
  • Slotted Channels
  • Cladding Sheets

Slotted Angles:

Slotted angles are the main components that hold the entire structure together, giving it the desired shape and size. Available in various sizes, the slotted angles come with a series of pre-punched holes that allow the easy installation of the rack. The pre-punched holes also allow you to alter the size of the space between the shelves.


Manufactured out of super-grade steel, the shelves are available in variable dimensions to suit the requirements of the user. They are robust and designed to withstand heavy-duty wear and tear.

Cladding Sheets:

An optional accessory, cladding sheets are plain steel or alloy sheets with pre-punched holes running on the vertical ends. They can be effectively used to compartmentalize the shelves or to cover up the sides and back, leaving only the front end of the shelf accessible for use.

Nuts and Bolts

As inconspicuous as they are, nuts and bolts are the components that keep the slotted angle shelf in one piece. Forged from high-quality steel and galvanized for extra strength and durability, the nuts and bolts used for slotted angle racks are specially designed to ensure flawless construction of the desired structure.

Plastic shoes and Corner Plates are fixed to provide stability to keep the shelf standing strong.

Amazing Advantages Of Slotted Angle Shelving Racks

Manufacturers of slotted angle rack Chennai claim that these amazing structures are very much in demand with users who range from small-time shopkeepers to corporate industrial giants.

Here’s an analysis of the reasons that contribute to the popularity of slotted angle racks:

The sensible utility of space

Industrial shelving system using slotted angle racksSpace is an aspect that holds precedence in any business that survives on it. And space cannot be taken for granted. Slotted angle racks are a clever choice to make maximum use of whatever space is available in the work or business area. Tripling the capacity of your storage space, slotted angle racks ensure an effortless and more organized way to store your goods.

Robust fabrication

When it comes to strength and durability, the slotted angle rack is second to none. That is why it reigns supreme as a popular choice. Their solid construction and design ensure they last a lifetime and make your investment worthwhile.

Easy maintenance
Slotted angle shelves require minimum maintenance to stay in shape. A periodical dusting and an overall inspection of the structure will ensure its longevity.

Easy customization

The versatility of slotted angle racks allows them to be customized in terms of size, width, and height to meet the specifications of the industry, warehouse, retail space, or even your kitchen space. Racks can also be customized to meet budget requirements.

Aesthetic touch

The use of slotted angles in your workplace is a great way to get everything organized. They instantly declutter your space allowing you to give everything a designated spot on the shelves. The higher and bigger the shelves are, the more vertical space you can use!

What’s more is that a neat, organized workplace is what keeps customers and clients impressed. It gives them an understanding of your work ethics. No one likes to deal with business in a disorganized work environment.

Points To Consider Before Installing Slotted Angle Racks

  • Assess the space that is available in your workplace.
  • Get a professional team from the rack manufacturers to analyze the layout of the structure.
  • Go for customized slotted angle shelving racks to increase its functionality and aesthetic outlook.
  • Ensure proper installation of the shelves to avoid haphazardly that might be dangerous for the people working in the area.

Donracks Slotted Angle Shelving Racks – Storage Solutions For A Lifetime

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We excel in quality and service that puts us right on top of the list of the most preferred names for storage solutions.

Slotted angle racks in Bangalore are just what your business or company needs. Fit it and forget it. Be clever and make use of your precious space with Donracks!

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