Every year leads to additional paperwork that needs to be stored safely for any future use. Though many companies claim to be paperless, there still are records that need to be maintained. This includes private organization, charitable association or even government institutions. Any business house with a business to boast of requires a system to store records.

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Disadvantages of using a commercial storage system:

While there are commercial storage houses that store records for a price, there are many disadvantages that are attached to this.

Steep cost of storage

Travel costs incurred to transport the records to and from the storage facility

Risk of loss during transit

Time and effort spent in repeated calls to the facility to access information

Delayed access to information

These disadvantages dictate that every commercial house should have a record storage facility that aids in storing much needed documents.

Here are some types of racks that can be used for storing records:

a) Rivet racks: In this type of shelving, mezzanine storage options are available with greater use of the overhead space. Records can be stored from the bottom to the top, so office personnel know exactly where to find records of a particular year.

b) Steel shelves: Steel shelves are also ideal shelves for storing records. Boxes can be placed directly into these shelves with all the records of a particular time and they are easily accessible and sturdy.

c) Mobile Aisle Shelving: This type of shelving does away with the need to have aisle space as the shelves are movable. They store a lot of information that are easily accessible.

Mobile Aisle Shelving

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