The Art Of Arrangement In Supermarket Display Racks!

Supermarket display is an art unto itself! The design, the layout, and the arrangement of storage racks should ensure an enjoyable shopping experience for your customers while providing maximum visibility for your entire range of products.

Why Is The Layout Of Supermarket Racks Important?

Customers should be able to find and pick up items that they want quickly. New products or offers on existing ones need to be displayed prominent enough to capture the customers’ attention. The store ambiance should encourage them to spend more time at your supermarket. Because more time implies more impulse buys, and that is great for your bottom line.

The display should also be easy for your staff to stock and take inventory. So, what is the best way to go about designing your supermarket display? We have a few useful tips for you to create a display that would boost sales at your store.

Five Stocking Tips For Supermarket Display Racks!

Keep Right

There is a general tendency for people to go to the right side of the store as soon as they enter. Make use of the space strategically to display your freshest products there to provide a lovely welcome to your customers right at the entrance. Flowers, fresh produce or straight-out-of-the-oven baked goods make great candidates for these supermarket racks in Chennai.

Top Of The World

Use the top shelves to stock items that do not see quick sales such as in-store brand products or exotic, gourmet goods. Placing products on top also gives them a place of pride and helps them stand out from the crowd, ensuring customer attention and curiosity.

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Eyes On The Prize

Eye-level supermarket racks are the star performers in your store. This is premium real estate you are talking about. Your customers get to see the products in these racks first and most. So, use these display racks well to stock your best-selling and fastest moving brands. Lesser brands should also be added to the mix to make people aware of them.

Kids Are Your Best Friends

Placing all your kid-friendly products strategically at their eye-level can do wonders to your sales figures. These supermarket racks make it easy for children to notice these items as well as be able to reach for them by themselves. The more animated figures or pictures on the cover of these products, the better they attract kids.

Bottom Of The Chain

Supermarkets sometimes stock large and bulky merchandise too, to be competitive with wholesalers. Reserve the bottom shelves entirely for these awkward-sized products. This approach would make it easy for both your staff to stock and your customers to pick up the items.

Use these tips well in stocking up your supermarket, and your customers are going to enjoy shopping at your store. Watch your profits grow and your business become a resounding success.

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