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Howard Schultz, the former CEO of the Starbucks Coffee Company, rightfully said, ” You walk into a retail store. If there’s a sense of excitement, entertainment, and electricity, you wanna be there.” His words perfectly resonate with the modern shopper’s mindset.

Retail shopping means many things to the modern shopper- Roomy, refreshing, recommendable, reputable, and reasonable. A retail space is more than just a shop that sells branded merchandise. It is exclusively designed for retailers to show off their products, attract customers, and boost sales.

Everyone plays a unique role in shaping a retail space. Your interior designer, architect, and retail display rack manufacturer’s ideas and plans need to align perfectly to create a perfect store.

Retail Spaces: A Shopper’s Dream Destination

Retail stores have been around since time immemorable. Despite the growing popularity of online portals, people prefer shopping in a physical store. In fact, recent statistics reveal that 61% of Gen Zers prefer retail shopping. This preference is mainly because these brick and mortar shops offer a unique shopping experience.

An artfully created retail space should have everything a shopper wants- From intuitive floor plans and visually attractive displays to strategic lighting and more. Therefore, creating a retail space that has an alluring effect on your customers and window-shoppers is necessary.

However, if you are finding retail designing overwhelming, we can give you a hand. Our goal is to give you some tips for creating attention-grabbing retail interiors to ensure that your store layout is the best in your locality.

How To Transform Your Retail Space Into A Wonderland

1. Pick the perfect floor plan

Essentially, there are four different types of floor plans:

  • The loop plan
  • Grid floor plan
  • Free flow plan
  • Diagonal plan

The plan you select will dictate the entire store’s flow, the incoming and outgoing traffic. It is a critical component of your retail space, irrespective of the store’s size. The perfect floor plan will allow you to use the available space in the most judicious manner. It will assign a place for everything in your store, including:

  • Display racks and shelves
  • Cash counter
  • Mannequin
  • Display tables

Therefore, you must consider certain factors like the square footage of your space, your target audience, and the merchandise you sell.

2. Prioritise lighting fixtures

Lighting is a functional and aesthetic aspect that you cannot afford to be careless or stingy about. Whether your retail space is flooded with natural light or not, customers rarely venture into a store that’s dark and dingy. However, there’s a difference between aesthetic lighting and simply flooding the place with bright lights.

To get the lighting right, study the store’s atmosphere and your retail objectives. But remember the cardinal rule with lighting: all elevation changes, flooring, displays, and instructions should be visible at all times.

3. Use signage sensibly

Signage is almost unique for retail stores. Besides, the Covid-19 pandemic has made signage mandatory, thanks to the list of do’s and dont’s to follow. Clear signage can be of immense help to your customers. It can explain store policies, give directions, and help guide safe behaviour.

Put up clear, attractive signage to indicate new arrivals, promotional offers, and discounts. Place a prominent signboard above your cash counter and strategically indicate the restrooms and trial rooms. Well-positioned signs help enhance the overall shopping experience for your customers. Customers can find employees more easily when signage indicates where they are located.

4. Add visual breaks

Shoppers may skim over your merchandise if your store has the same fixtures or aisles. Creating visual breaks in long aisles allows you to draw shoppers’ attention to your merchandise. This can be done through distinctive signage or eye-catching displays. Many supermarkets, especially those with a lot of aisles, often put large, attractive displays at the end of their aisles to entice shoppers.

5. Prioritise accessibility

Your retail space should exude a welcoming and fully-functional environment, whether a large or small store. To ensure this, accessibility is a must. Do not be tempted to use all the floor space for display. Remember that your customers need ample space to move around with their shopping bags and children.

You can create spaces by:

  • Removing all clutter
  • Fixing the signage on the display stands or walls
  • Adding ramps or steps at the entrance
  • Using lighting to brighten up corners and dull areas
  • Ensuring spacious entrance and exit ways
  • Categorising the space as per the merchandise

6. Be bold with displays

Your retail space is like a mega canvas. So, use it to your advantage. Be big and bold with your displays. It often takes over-the-top initiatives to grab people’s attention when other retailers are vying for the same. Select theme-based displays to incorporate larger elements of design. Go for life-size fixtures and installations to create an unforgettable shopping experience.

7. Align your layout correctly

A clever retailer would always display the best and the most enticing products close to the store entrance. Beyond that, the close observation of your customers will help to decide the perfect layout for your store. Ensure that the layout takes them to the best merchandise without any hassle.

8. Highlight your bestsellers

It’s okay if you have limited retail space. You can always bring in customers by highlighting your best-selling merchandise. Check your sales reports to pinpoint the best performers. Place them on well-lit shelves or in your display window.

9. Update your displays

Product display, otherwise known as “Visual Merchandising”, is ever-evolving. There are strategic aspects like the mannequin, point-of-purchase, and checkout areas to show off your best products.

While you are at it, don’t forget to wield the power of social media to flaunt your product displays. Keep your customers updated with regular posts and encourage them to share your product photos. Go with the trend, and keep it fresh!

10. Leverage your checkout counter

Never underestimate the power of your checkout counter. It is the right area to encourage last-minute impulse purchases. Customers are often attracted by small, useful things like hair clips, nail cutters, scrunchy bands, and chocolates. If you are not using your checkout space, you will leave a lot of money on the table.

In the current eCommerce scenario, having a retail space could be a worthwhile investment for many businesses.

Benefits Of Owning A Retail Space

Brand building

Retail stores help build your brand. An attractive store itself is a proven form of marketing. Every time passers-by and window shoppers purchase in your store, you are promoting your brand and increasing your clientele.

Customer experience

Your retail store can provide better customer service and experience than any online shopping portal. Direct interaction with your customers allows you to gauge their expectations and align your strategies perfectly.

Double opportunity

If you already own an eCommerce portal, you can invest in a retail store and create an additional opportunity to market your merchandise. Your online customers will be delighted to shop in-store, and it could generate additional revenue for your business.

Capitalise on your retail space

Your retail store is a visual representation of your business. How you utilise it spells your business’ success. Donracks, Chennai, can help you upgrade your retail space and set you apart from other shops. You can choose from our impressive range of racks and shelves to accentuate your merchandise displays. Call us today and allow our team to help you pick the right display solutions for your retail store.

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