Ways to Create a Highly Impressive Retail Space

Having a retail space in the business world is like owning a small (or large) kingdom. Such is the value of retail space because that’s the kind of business it generates- but only if the retail space design is perfect.

Now, you could argue that retail space has taken a backseat with the burgeoning eCommerce and online shopping portals. Oh no! You’re mistaken. Consumers are still heading to brick-and-mortar stores. In other words, they are willing to come to your retail “kingdom” as long as you give them compelling reasons to do so.

As a retail display rack supplier for many retail outlets, we at Donracks, Chennai understand the value a good retail space design brings to your business.

Our blog explores all the brilliant tips and tricks to master the art of retail space design and ensure customers flock to your shop throughout the year.

Ideas To Create A Profitable, Customer-Oriented Retail Space

1. Be picky with the layout

One of the first criteria to come under the scanner is your space layout, which is driven by three aspects:

  • Type of merchandise you sell
  • Availability of space
  • Movement of instore traffic

Don’t be hasty in choosing the layout. Get expert advice, take a look at similar retail outlets and give it enough thought. Choose a layout that aligns with your business. Don’t forget that it has the power to drive your sales and propel your business. So, be wise.

2. Maximise the exterior appeal

The saying “It’s what inside that matters” has nothing to do with retail space. Here, the exterior matters as much as the interior. Remember that your customers WILL judge your store by its exterior appeal. So, don’t stop yourself from going over the top with your store exterior.

  • Choose bold colours and designs
  • Have clear and legible signage
  • Ramp up your entrance and exits
  • Use your windows
  • Be in vogue with the latest designs

In short, do whatever it takes to stand out from the crowd, but make it appealing.

3. Use smart lighting

Customers are naturally drawn towards a well-lit store. So, be generous with your lighting. Use enough lights to highlight your merchandise displays and create the backdrop for the rest of the space.

4. Use proper shelves and racks

Currently, there are dozens of varieties of shelves and racks available in the market. What you pick should serve as the perfect accessory to your outlet and business. Shelves and racks work best when they incorporate varied height and depth. Optimise simple shelves with props and risers to create a diverse display. Choose gondola shelves with varied arm heights.

5. Spruce up your interior

Did you know that you can create jaw-dropping interiors without shelling out exorbitant money? Here are some ideas:

  • Paint your walls (take it up as a DIY project and let your creativity fly)
  • Use handmade art objects (you have no idea how people can go gaga over handmade articles)
  • Use small, cute, and artsy items (put them in corners or strategic spots)
  • Strategise the use of mirrors and glass elements (They will create the illusion of more space)
  • Place eye-catching decor pieces on high-rise shelves (You can save floor space and elevate the room height)

6. Go digital with signage

Go full throttle with digital signage. Use LCD and LED screens and hi-tech projections to display images, videos and brand-related info. Go for motion activation and touch-screen monitors if your budget allows it. Know where to place your digital signage. Experts point to several strategic spots, such as:

  • Your store entrance
  • Windows and corners
  • Store exits
  • Next to elevators and escalators
  • Cash counters

7. Use outside space

Cafes, restaurants, boutiques and even salons have spilled out onto the street to offer customers the choice of using the outdoors. And this is the space that’s hot in demand. Capitalise on the same approach with your retail space by extending the shop zone to the sidewalk. However, find out if you are allowed to use the space before implementing this idea.

8. Implement “less is more”

Customers unanimously hate one thing, and that’s clutter. It interferes with their ability to use the layout and distracts them from their shopping goals. Determine the right amount of merchandise for your space. For example, if you have 2000 sq. ft of retail space, you should not fill every inch with the merchandise. Many high-end stores with plenty of space display fewer products. It’s a clever move to increase the value of the merchandise and bring customers right to the display.

We can list a dozen more ideas like the ones above, but retail design implementation is not as easy as it looks. Besides, it’s impossible to achieve perfection in anything without a definitive set of rules, and retail design is no different. Let’s check out the important rules to help you achieve perfection with retail design implementation.

5 Rules & 3 Criteria To Create The Perfect Retail Design

  • Align the use of storage space with customers’ shopping behaviour
  • Prioritise product placement
  • Use Gondala units and round garment racks for customers’ convenience
  • Implement the cross-merchandising technique by using several locations to display the same product
  • Create a circular path to the shop’s right to entice customers to walk through the store right up to the store exit.

Criteria to consider before redesigning your store

1. Enablers

Sounds like a new term? The enablers are nothing but the objects that make shopping a comfortable experience for your customers. Think:

  • Clear signage
  • Shopping carts
  • Interactive staff
  • Easy-to-navigate aisles
  • Exciting displays

2. Inhibitors

The inhibitors are the stark opposite of enablers. They are potholes that disrupt the shopping experience. Be aware of:

  • Messy displays
  • Disorganised layout
  • Overstocking
  • Understocking

3. Impression points

These are just what the name implies. Impression points are strategic spots right from the shop’s entrance, through the interior, to the exit. It may also include the parking lot if your store is freestanding. Impression points are created for the very purpose of impressing your customers. Done right, it could be a powerfully-impactful AHA moment!

Create your retail space with Donracks storage solutions

Your store’s racks and shelves play an instrumental role in spelling the success of your retail space. Call our team today for valuable guidance and choose the right ones for your retail store.

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