What is a Warehouse Mezzanine Flooring System?

Interior of warehouse with mezzanine floors

A warehouse mezzanine flooring system is an elevated platform or a floor that is lodged in between the floor and ceiling. In simpler terms, this is a deck made between an existing floor and the roof.

These structures are free-standing and are easily movable and can be readily dismantled. Industrial mezzanines are usually made of steel. The flooring is commonly made of steel, a wood finish or a b-decking. Mezzanine floors can also be designed to have concrete floors. The type of flooring really depends on the kind of application.

Mezzanine flooring system offers the most efficient way of increasing storage spaces in warehouses. These systems utilize the unused vertical space that already exists in the facility. Once the mezzanine is functional, the area beneath is also available for storage or other purposes.

Mezzanines don’t have to be planned along with the initial building plan. They can be installed and rearranged anytime in the existing facility with some proper planning. This is where mezzanines differ from normal flooring levels.

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Benefits of Mezzanine Flooring System

  • Extra Storage Space – Most manufacturing units and distribution centres across Bangalore are often challenged by space constraints. With a lot of shipping and receiving happening day-in-day-out, maintaining enough storage facility becomes crucial. In such circumstances, a warehouse mezzanine flooring system can prove beneficial. With a mezzanine system, you can work around your existing facility to increase storage space without having to add new warehousing premises.
  • No Need to Relocate – Most manufacturers plagued with space limitations resort to relocating the warehouse facility or building more space on to the existing ones. You can forget the thought of relocating, once you opt for the mezzanine floor solution. Get in touch with a mezzanine flooring professional in Bangalore, like Donracks, who can design an efficient mezzanine system tailored to perfection for your warehousing needs. What’s more? You can save on the cost of relocation, yet get your storage woes addressed duly.

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Minimum Height of a Mezzanine Floor

Before indulging in a mezzanine flooring system for your warehouse, you need to do enough planning. There are specific design regulations that need to be considered before constructing a mezzanine. You will need to plan the height of the flooring system according to the floor plan of your facility, how you intend to use the mezzanine, and for what purpose. Being a mezzanine floor manufacturers in Chennai and Bangalore, we will help you to choose the best.

The minimum height for a mezzanine floor from the ceiling is 400 centimeters, which approximately converts to 14 feet between the roof and the ground. This is the standard setting for an efficient mezzanine system. Irrespective of the function of the floor, it is crucial to adhere to this distance.
The flooring is typically one-third of the size of the ground floor, though some experts recommend half the size of the floor. Despite the differing opinions, a floor space smaller than the ground floor will also add to the aesthetics.

Mezzanine flooring Manufacturer in India

Mezzanines do not always require ample floor space. Identify the right place in your facility and get a mezzanine designed that will utilize all of the available space efficiently. When selecting the material for the mezzanine, make sure to ask for durable materials that provide sturdy, long-lasting storage withstanding wear and tear. There are several options to choose from, metal, concrete, etc. Opt for the material that best suits your warehousing needs.

Regardless of the type of flooring, you decide, ensure to stick to a minimum height of 3 meters for the mezzanines. This ensures safety while handling the goods stored in the mezzanine.
In conclusion, mezzanine floors offer the easiest, flexible and cost-effective solution for your storage barriers. Mezzanines can be used in a variety of applications, are easy to assemble and dismantle., and are movable, providing you with the flexibility to redesign your floor space according to the changing storage demands.

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