What Are The Advantages And Uses Of Cantilever Racks?

Cantilever Racks

Some materials do not fit effectively or neatly in the traditional pallet rack systems. For example, the steel and lumber are usually awkward and long; hence fitting it into the pallets can be quite a task. Some may not come with squared edges. The cantilever rack systems help to store such materials easily. It is suitable for storing long items, and it does not interfere with one another and hence can be arranged neatly in continuous runs.

The cantilever racks are easily seen in settings like plumbing supplies warehouses, hardware stores or lumberyards. It is an independent storage rack system used for a variety of purposes. It does not have a vertical obstruction and provides a chance for sufficient horizontal storage space. The cantilever racks are suitable for placing non-uniform products like rugs, appliances, bar stock, pipe, heavy duty metals, sheet metal, building materials, furniture and much more. It is mostly produced using structural steel or roll formed steel.

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Components of the Cantilever Rack:
The component of cantilever rack is bracing, arms, columns and bases.

Bases: The base’s size depends upon the rack’s capacity and arm’s size. The base anchors the cantilever rack to the floor. It offers support to the upright tower or column.

Arms: There are different capacities and styles for these arms. Thus, it makes the cantilever rack system suitable for each application. The arms differ in capacity. It can be inclined or straight. If an application requires, it comes with welded end lips.

Bracing: It consists of two kinds. They are diagonal and horizontal bracing. It offers steadiness to the cantilever system. The length and width of the braces depend on the types and size of products you store. It also depends on the purpose it has been designed for.

Columns: The columns can differ in capacity and height and depends on the application requests.

Benefits of Cantilever Racks
Cantilever racks are best suited for stocking different kinds of materials and items that remain misconstrued regarding design and usage. It is designed for thinner and longer items. It provides numerous advantages to the user. If you are worried about shelving in your business, you have to consult a designer and ask for cantilever storage racks. It is appropriate for all kinds of businesses and facilities.

Flexibility and easy access
When you look at the cantilever rack’s design, you will find two racks on the sides of the lengthy i-beam, and there will be nothing directly above. It does not look like a traditional shelf. As the design is open and clear, it helps for easier access. You can easily access the higher shelves using equipment like a forklift. The design helps to place things in order. You can place items as per the frequency of use. For example, things you do not require often can be placed behind, and things you often use can be placed in front.

There is no chance for front access obstacles. It makes unloading and loading simple and quick. It can be easily adjusted according to different kinds of load heights. It can handle different lengths. As there are no obstructions on the front side, there is no need to restrict lengthy items. It allows the user to store different objects of various lengths in the single rack system.

Easily stores all kinds of shelf items
If you find certain items that are hard or impossible to store because of its length or size, you need to purchase cantilever rack system. It allows you to store all kinds of items easily and conveniently. It offers space for items like pre-packed furniture, lengthy parts of lumber, beams and steel racks. These items occupy more space and are difficult for storing through traditional rack and shelving methods. Cantilever racks’ overall length and the open design remains perfect for storing skinny and tall items which otherwise occupy floor space.

Saves time and money
Cantilever racks facilitate easy movement of goods with less effort. You can easily handle and store the item and assist the workers in identifying the part they require easily. When compared with other kinds of racks, the cantilever racks are easier to use and handle. It has increased storage space both lengthwise and depth wise.

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