Boltless Shelving

Compatible & Compact Boltless Shelving

Innovatively designed shelving units that allow you to meet your storage requirements “just in time” and “just in place”.

Creating Spaces with Style

Want to optimise your storage space with a subtle, sleek, and stylish solution? Introducing boltless shelving or rivet shelving- a reconfigured storage solution without nuts, bolts, and redundant hardware.

Warehouse storage is a breeze with this easy-to-install, sturdy, and durable boltless shelving system. Besides, it effortlessly delivers outstanding benefits without burning a hole in your pocket. You can use boltless shelving anywhere- in retail stores, commercial distribution centres, archive rooms, pharmacies, and e-commerce distribution centres.

Moreover, they can even improve the space and organisation of your residential garages. In short, if you want to give your business space an upgrade, boltless shelving is the way to go.

And who else to provide this amazing solution other than Donracks, the foremost name in the world of racks and shelves? We manufacture the finest quality boltless shelving systems at cost effective prices.

In contrast to standard metal shelving units, our boltless shelving units do not require bolts or special tools to assemble. The shelves are easily created with vertical posts and horizontal beams. Rivets are engaged in holes on the vertical posts to connect the beams. The beams are then tapped into a rubber mallet to ensure that they are tightly sealed.

At Donracks, we have used our technical expertise and industry experience to deliver a solution that optimises your vertical space without any extra expenses. Why invest in wall-mounted shelves when our boltless shelving units are compatible with any storage area?

Moreover, you can rearrange, extend, align, or move the entire unit as per your storage requirements. This remarkable aspect makes them particularly valuable for use in buffer warehouses or high-throughput warehouses that store goods and tools.

Our boltless shelving systems are a great storage solution for any facility because they are:

Thanks to the variety of sizes and configurations available with Donracks boltless shelving solutions, you can create a unit that suits your specific needs. Need a standard boltless shelving unit for your shop? At Donracks, you will find one that fits your budget and business space. Looking for a sturdier, heavy-duty shelving unit for your warehouse or garage? No worries! We have the strongest units constructed from solid, high-quality stainless steel and designed to last a lifetime.

Our boltless shelving is also designed for light loads, ideal for bins, cotton boxes, and loose items. We also offer user-friendly accessories for automotive spare parts, light engineering components, and apparel businesses.

Donracks holds an enviable, high-flying position in the storage market because our array of shelves and racks are undeniably the best. Our boltless shelving systems add to the already inexhaustible list of storage solutions we offer. Reach out to our personnel to maximise your existing storage space with our boltless storage systems!