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As you enter the national capital, the first thing you become aware of is the lack of space. There is not an inch of room to breathe. For businesses, especially those that need storage area, this is a harrowing perspective. The less space they have, the less profit they make because they are forced to reduce their inventory size or use an inefficient method of storage.
Thankfully, there is an easy and affordable solution: mezzanine floor racks in Delhi. In this post, we help you understand what mezzanines are and how they are advantageous to your business.

What Are Industrial Mezzanine Floors?

A mezzanine is an elevated platform that is installed between the ground floor and the ceiling. Think of it as a balcony inside your warehouse.

  • They are free-standing and made of steel structures, i.e., stainless or carbon.
  • They are semi-permanent. Therefore, it can be easily uninstalled and reinstalled in another place.
  • The floor of the mezzanine varies according to how space is utilised. Most often, it is made of steel structures like metal decking and bar grate. It can also be made b-decking or wood products.
  • For very heavy storage and permanent floors, mezzanines have a concrete floor surface.

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What is the benefit of an industrial mezzanine?

Mezzanine floor racks in Delhi are an effective way of increasing storage space. Generally, in a warehouse, people make use of the floor to store inventory. At most, they will use racks that reach up to a certain height. Any air space between the ceiling and the topmost shelf of the rack is left empty. This is underutilisation of vertical space.

Getting More Storage Space

By adding a second floor to the warehouse, the mezzanine, you get to leverage almost all the vertical space in your facility. You can use the mezzanine area for storage and the space beneath it as an office or for any other purpose. In a distribution centre, this is a critical advantage. Such centres are forever outgrowing their storage needs.
With more shipping or more production, the area where you can keep the inventory keeps on reducing. Keeping up with this need is near impossible unless you can afford to buy more land, which most businesses can’t. With a half-floor like mezzanine, you create a substantial amount of space for your facility, be it a warehouse, production unit or distribution centre.

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You Get More Area Without Heavy Investment

When a business begins to feel the pinch of space, the reflex answer is to relocate to a larger area. Doing so is a significant investment. You not only need the funds to get a bigger building but also for the actual move. Mezzanine floors eradicate both these issues.
Because the floor is installed in your existing facility, you don’t need to relocate. It means you get additional storage capacity without any massive investment. Even the most customised industrial mezzanine floor will cost a fraction of what moving to a new address will!

You Have A Smaller Footprint

Every time a business expands to another facility, they increase their footprint. This expansion comes with a whole gamut of expenses. From maintaining each building to the power bill, there are a million daily needs that cost the business. By installing a mezzanine, all these extra and ongoing expenses are removed because the floor is added to an existing building.

A Final Few Points To Keep In Mind:

  • While mezzanine floor racks in Delhi are best suited to facilities that require a high ceiling height for special equipment or process, they are useful for all businesses. You can easily install a mezzanine in the area of the building where the vertical space is left empty.
  • There are several types of mezzanine floors you can choose from, but the most common in industries is steel.
  • If you are facing a tight budget and need to expand your storage, then the mezzanine is, without a doubt, the best answer.

A mezzanine floor in Delhi is a flexible, painless and highly cost-effective solution for all storage problems. It takes your business to the next level without demanding a high price from you. Moreover, the applications of mezzanines are immense. It is not merely for keeping your inventory. It can be employed to build offices for essential personnel.

Donracks, a mezzanine floor provider, highly recommends consulting a vendor before installing a mezzanine in your business. There are plenty of choices available in the market. Choosing one can be confusing. A vendor will evaluate your space first and then recommend a mezzanine that fits it to the T. It ensures maximum productivity, efficiency and profitability.
If you have more questions on how a new floor can benefit your business, then contact Donracks. We’ll be happy to answer your questions!