There are different types of racking systems that are needed for an electronic showroom as there are different types of products across various verticals and it is important that the right products are stored in the right place. A strong and sturdy structure is essential to store these products and it is also essential that it blends with the theme and pattern of the showroom for which these are customized.

Donracks offers every storage solution that is needed for each of these products ranges and some of these are; T.V racks, Split AC racks, laptop display racks, front display counters, slat wall gondolas, adjustable racks, electronics market display racks, appliances display racks, LCD display racks, podiums, CD/DVD display racks, perforated racks, Double stack washing machine racks, etc.

These racks are easy to install and are sturdy to hold heavier goods especially the double stack washing machine racks which needs to be perfect to hold the heavy weights in place without a fuss. The flexibility and convenience it offers is outstanding and the individual character design of each of these racks make Donracks one of the best in the industry in the present day.

The double stack washing machine racks from Donracks are best suited for front load washing machines. This is a double level racking system that has a bottom level and an upper level. The entire height of the racking system is 2100 mm, the depth is about 600 mm approximately and the length is measured at 600 mm with the base shelf measuring 600 mm and the top shelf measuring 525 mm. The base shelf length comes in addition with wheels that enable the washing machine to slide outwards.

It offers and elegant, beautiful, delicate and easy display. High grade raw materials are used for the construction of these racks. It offers a stable structure and enhanced durability. The top shelf also is the ideal height for the walk-in customer to have a look at the interiors washing machine more easily as these double stack washing machine racks are specifically used for front load washing machines.