Electronic products need special racking systems to be able to hold the weight of the products on display. Therefore it requires a sturdy, reliable and highly durably construction that enables to hold products across various sizes and weights. The display shelving also depends on the products that will be put up for display. Donracks being pioneers in offering a complete racking solution for industrial and retail purposes offers the perfect electronic racking designs that offer an optimal solution for display needs.

Electronic display racks come in various sizes and varieties depending on the products on display. Amongst the various types the most popular ones include; electronics market display racks, appliances display racks, LCD display racks, T.V racks, Split AC racks, laptop display racks, front display counters, slat wall gondolas, podiums, CD/DVD display racks, perforated racks, Double stack racks, etc.

For electronic split AC racks it becomes necessary to have a sturdy construction that makes it possible to hold the indoor AC units across various brands, varieties and sizes. The indoor units need to be mounted on these racks adjacent to each other so that it makes it easy for customers to compare, choose and buy the product that will suit them the best. Here the height and the length is the key.

Not so much depth is required in the construction as split ACs are sleek models much alike the LCD and LED television displays. A perforated and strong back board is used to hold the indoor units on display. These boards may not need a power plug slot as there will be no outdoor units connected and there is no possibility of switching on the ACs on display.

Donracks offers standard height of 2100 mm, length of 914 mm and depth of 675 mm for its modular Split AC racks. The durable steel construction offers a fully adjustable racking solution that can stock different varieties and models of split ACs.