Donracks boasts of immense experience in the manufacture and supply of racking solutions for both manufacturing as well as retail industry. Amongst the popular racking solutions in the retail industry, electronic racks for retail outlets has become increasingly popular due to the visibility and purchase prompting advantage it has. Televisions have become one of the most sought after racking solutions in the present day because of the above mentioned reason and with the various choices available to end users it becomes all the more important for electronic retail houses to display the brands across varieties and sizes to make it easy for the customers to view and choose what they think will be best suited for their requirements.

Donracks offers just what the retail outlet needs in the present scene. By offering the perfect electronic TV racking solutions that cater to the storage as well as display needs of the merchandiser, Donracks designs even fulfills marketing requirements which proves advantageous to the retail store.

Donracks offers both electronic LCD racks as well as electronic TV racks as part of its TV racking solutions. As the name suggests, the electronic LCD racks are for displaying LCDs and LED televisions whereas the electronic TV racks are for picture tube model television sets which requires proper shelving and racking for storing and display purposes.

These racks are constructed out of the finest quality steel that offers stability, sturdiness, durability and reliability. These racks are easy to install and do not require extensive maintenance procedures. The sturdy construction enables it to hold heavier picture tube television models.

With Donracks already being experts in offering the perfect racking and shelving solutions, it offers the same for television racking where on a single wall unit there are different shelf heights which makes it possible to store different sized picture tube television models.

The wall unit height is offered at 2100 mm that supports a back panel with small perforations and slots for power switches. The bottom shelf is slightly larger with a height of 675 mm to facilitate holding larger televisions and the top and middle shelves are offered at a height of 600 mm each. Approximately about 3 ft is allocated for each unit.