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Mezzanine floors can be defined as the additional floor that is installed between two floors to take advantage of the extra space offered by high ceilings. The word mezzanine is derived from the Italian word “mezzano” which means middle. Mezzanine floors can be seen in residential as well as commercial buildings. They are put to plenty of different uses like an extra storage space, or an office room or a kitchen or a reading corner or a home office space, etc. However, there are several guidelines that these mezzanine floor installation companies have to adhere to.

If the height of the ceiling is more than 4.5 m, a mezzanine floor can be inserted without too many obstructions, but the physical construction depth of the floor should also be taken into consideration. For example, if 2m headroom is left for the top and bottom floors, the remaining 0.5m can be used for the construction depth of the mezzanine floor, anything exceeding that will cause trouble. The main beam inserted in the mezzanine floor along with the decking crates determines the construction depth of the floor. Once the depth has been determined it will make it easier it figure out whether a mezzanine floor can be safely installed or not.

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Before going ahead and getting a mezzanine floor installed in a commercial or industrial building, there are several critical key elements to be considered, namely,

  • Emergency lighting
  • Fire protection
  • Smoke and fire alarms
  • Relevant safety signs

These features are usually incorporated during the planning stage of the mezzanine floor. In most countries, they have to be included it he design stage itself in order to get the approval from the local authorities to go ahead with the installation. The hands and guardrails installed along the mezzanine floor edge also need to be compliant with the local rules to avoid any unfortunate accidents. The ability of mezzanine floors to increase the business operations effectiveness by offering extra space makes it very popular among business owners and companies. The extra space is achieved without spending too much extra money and is within the existing structure itself, thereby making it not necessary to shift or move the earlier equipment or work staff.

The ability of the mezzanine floor to introduce extra floor space to an existing structure is one of the reasons why governments often promote it these days. It is an optimal method of getting the maximum footprint of the existing warehouse space without using gup too many natural resources. This eco-friendly solution has been hailed by many environmentalists as the way to go for industries and businesses.

  • Mezzanine floors are very useful for several purposes. Since it can be refurbished to accommodate any requirement, it is considered t highly versatile as well. Some of the different uses that mezzanine floors have been put to can be seen below:
  • Production or assembly lines
  • Dedicated machine operations
  • Picking and packing or bulk storage areas
  •  Office space
  • Boardroom areas
  • Secure space for high value products, etc.
Another interesting feature about mezzanine floors is the ability to be turned into a multitier structure easily. However, each floor needs to be less than 200 sq./m to be deemed safe. Experts in the industry have been constructing multi-level mezzanine floors for industries which have warehouses with extremely high ceilings for example airline hangars. As long as the foundational structure of the mezzanine floor is strong, it can handle a heavy load without creating any problems. The foundation can also be put to good use by developing into a storage unit. This offers extra space that can be used to store merchandise, raw products or even documents.

The different components or accessories that are often incorporated into a mezzanine floor include,

Among the different decking material used for mezzanine floors, the chip board seems to be the most popular. However, they can be unsuitable in wet workspaces where chequer plate or durbar can be useful. Once the use of the mezzanine floor has been determined, it makes it easier to decide which material should be used for the furnishings to get the best output.