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Industrial shelving systems are prevalently used across industries to organize goods. It leads to proper storing and retrieval of industrial goods. There are many industrial shelving solutions available today making it suitable for industries to protect their goods from damage. The choice is endless when it comes to industrial racks and shelves. This gives the freedom to businesses to pick one that meets their needs. Though, sometimes too much of choice also could be overwhelming. Industrial storage rack manufacturers in Chennai offer diverse shelving solutions for multitude of industries. Some of the most popular shelving racks are listed for your knowledge.

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Option 1:

Items comprising of small and medium sized parts can be stored suitably in sloped shelf bins. This not only gives easy access by protects the items from falling over. If you are looking for visibility and access, sloped shelving is the ideal option. Cleaning is convenient making it systematic and fast. These shelf bins come in varied size and color for enhanced functionality.

Option 2:

Consider storing industrial spares by saving floor space with Quantum Wire Shelving units with shelf bins. These shelves are useful to store a big number of industrial parts. The foundation is made of heavy duty wire taking the store towards the ceiling thereby saving on floor space. You can be free of worries of damage to the contents of the bin as these are available in different size configurations giving you flexibility.

Option 3:

When you are looking for protected shelving solutions for industrial parts for easy access and freestanding slider bins then the best solution would be freestanding slider bins. The panels can be configured with multitude of bin arrangements promoting versatility.

Option 4:

Prefer stored inventory travel around the warehouse, the best solution would be Quick Pick Bin Mobile Wire Cart. This is ideal for those who want their inventory to travel around. The mobile wire carts offer the mobility solutions you are looking for. These are made of heavy duty polypropylene as they are designed to withstand jostles and bumps making it perfect for frequent moving over. The open hopper placed in the front and back facilitates easy each of contents from all angles.

Option 5:

Looking for versatility in storage solutions for merchandisers and small and medium sized spares, choose Gondola Slider Systems. These shelving systems come with tripled wall panels that can be stacked in front of one another allowing the shelving to fit even in narrow spaces. The panels conveniently slides out making it easier to reach to part without talking too much of floor space in the warehouse.


The shelving solutions are used prevalently by most industries like industrial manufacturing, aerospace, automobile manufacturing, packaged goods manufacturing, medical laboratories, oil and gas industry, military and more. The shelving system improves the operational efficiency of the warehouse and cuts down on floor saving cost.

In the aerospace industries high quality industrial shelving is the need of the hour to store heavy and large engine components. These play a vital role in protecting the avionics as these are sensitive parts used in flying the plane. In this case security is vital for deal with aircraft parts. Airline suppliers use 12 gauge steel sides, doors, back and locking mechanism for additional security.

Maximum storage and security is offered for industrial manufacturing unit by providing maximum ease and ergonomic access to all items on the shelf. The companies choose customized unit to increase plant space. The racks are designed for capacities upto 40,000 pound per shelf offering maximum flexibility. The companies appreciate automatic safety interlock features to install better systems and preventing multiple shelf roll over at the same time.

The automotive industry has a number of small to large parts and they need multitude of shelving options. The shelves can be customized to meet the storage needs particularly of the assembly line. It offers maximum operating efficiency to employees keeping safety in mind.

Medical laboratories operate disposable, medical and implanted device markets. The surfaces are designs for high heat and chemical resistance with custom roll out shelving cabinets and racks. The roll out shelving racks is perfect for finished goods.

Military uses roll out shelves for handling munitions and other equipment. There are branches specific to built fork lift pockets so that the racks are relocated and transported right into the operation theatre.

Proper storage can enhance the functionality of the business. Choose an ideal storage to meet your requirements.