Storing items in a warehouse is a tedious affair if you do not use the right storage equipment. Pallet storage systems are often referred to as an excellent solution for organizing the space in an economical manner within the warehouse by industry experts. Once the proper shelving system is installed, it offers many benefits to the workforce as the warehouse manager. Since time is of the essence in every industry, the right shelving system can help you save loads of time during loading and unloading items. 

Industrial pallet racking system

Pallet racking systems uses pallets to help hold the items till they need to be moved to a new location. Although there are several different types of pallet racking, they all allow the palletized materials to be stored in horizontal rows along several levels. The use of forklifts makes it easy to load and unload these palletised materials from the rack system.

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The different types of industrial pallet racks can store different density products. Each industry warehouse chooses the pallet rack required based on the products or items that they will be storing using this racking system. Here are a few of the popularly seen industrial pallet racks:

 Selective Pallet Racking System

This popular racking system is often seen in two different styles, namely, roll formed and structural configuration. The Roll formed rack has distinctive teardrop hoes along the upright column. The horizontal beams held with mounting clips are used to hold the pallets. The teardrop configuration makes it easy to adjust the heights of the shelves, making it flexible and able to accommodate products or items of varying sizes. A warehouse that has different sized items to be stored can benefit a lot from this type of pallet rack system.

The structural pallet rack systems are almost similar to the roll formed rack system, although they can carry a lot more weight than the latter. The bolts on the horizontal load beams make them stronger and adjustable at the same time.

Drive In & Drive Through Rack Systems

These pallet rack systems allow forklifts to be driven up to the stacked rows and load or unload items as required. A drive-in pallet rack system has an entry at a single end, whereas the drive through pallet rack system has one at both ends. The number of exits for the forklift determines whether the LIFO (last in first out) system or the FIFO (first in first out) system will be implemented in the warehouse.

Push-Back Pallet Rack System

This particular type of pallet rack system organizes the space in the warehouse according to the depth and not the width. Since this arrangement can reduce the aisle space, each bay is raised to 6 pallets. The LIFO method is implemented here since the pallets roll backwards when a new pallet is set on the bay.

Pallet Flow System

This particular pallet rack storage system uses depth to increase the capacity of the system. The inclined rail of the shelves allows the pallet to move along the sloped place with the assistance of gravity.

Different Components Of Pallet Racking Systems

Each type of pallet racking system used in industries makes use of different components. Here are a few of the sot commonly seen components:

 Load beams

These beams are used to hold any kind of load supporting pieces like wire decks or pallet supports. There are three types of load beams, namely, step beams, box beams and structural beams. Each one offers a particular kind of support and is chosen according to the load it will be supporting.

 Upright Frames

These columns differ in size and design according to the pallet rack style and load requirements. You will notice holes or slots along the column which are punched in when it is manufactured. These holes are used to hold the load beams to support the load accordingly.

 Diagonal Braces

This particular component is used to create selective upright frames by being welded in between 2 upright columns.

 Wire Decking

This particular comment is used as a safety feature to prevent items stored on the pallets from rolling over and falling on the ground or worse falling on top of a worker. The wire mesh used for wire decking makes it easier to see the items stored on the pallets as well.