Shelving solutions are required for every kind of space. Shelves not only help in doing away with clutter but also optimize space utilization. Be it kitchen, living rooms, or commercial arenas, every kind of space comes with different requirements for shelving. There are several kinds of shelves available and each one of them is the best fit for a specific requirement. Every big city generally offers every kind of storage rack solutions, including Chennai. If you are hunting for Storage racks in Chennai, go through the storage solutions available in your vicinity and yet if you cannot find the ideal one, the online world is always there to help you out with the product of your choice.

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There are a plethora of shelving solutions available. Given below are the more popular ones and their characteristics.

Pallet racking:

Pallet racking is the most common kind of racking solution in big commercial spaces like warehouses and supermarts. This kind of racking makes the best use of vertical space. With technological advancements, drive-in, drive through and roll-form kinds of pallet racking have evolved that help tremendously in moving bulky items from one place to another. The best aspect of pallet racking is the fact that its shelf heights are always adjustable and therefore, it helps in optimizing the use for space.

Classic open shelving:

This is the most basic type of shelving. This kind of shelving is supported by ‘X” braces on sides. The kind of items that can be stored on the shelves depends upon the built of the shelf and its capabilities.

Closed shelving:

These are the traditional shelving racks that accompanied with a closed frame. This kind of shelving helps to keep the dust and dirt at bay. This is actually the classic open shelving in a closed enclosure.

Roll out shelves:

Roll out shelves whether used for light items or heavy items makes the best possible utilization of space. These kinds of shelves are extensively used in modular kitchens. When dealing with bulky items, roll out shelving solutions help in storing and retrieving items without making use of forklifts.

Automated storage:

Automated storage and retrieval systems make for effortless storage and retrieval of items, all at the click of the mouse. This is a robotized and computerized system that helps in the placement of items in specific parts of the shelves. Vertical carousels, vertical lift modules and fixed aisle systems are some of the popular types of automated storage systems. This being completely computerized, it is more expensive than other kind of storage solutions but its benefits helps with tremendous returns on investment.

Cantilever racks:

These racks though similar to the pellet system in certain ways, prove to be more beneficial than the latter. These are vertical racks that are fitted as per size requirements. This does not contain any front column and therefore, it makes for easier storage and retrieval of items. Though generally used for storing bulky and heavy items, these can be used for lighter items as well. Cantilever racks can be adjusted as per height requirements.

Gravity flow racks:

This is a variant of pallet racks that is designed in a different way to enhance picking efficiency. The angular design of the shelves optimize product handling efficiency and usage of space as well. Certain models come with speed controller capacity too, designed keeping in mind the weight range of the items.

Pushback racking systems:

This is a variant of pallet racking system wherein products are stored on both sides of the aisle. When the items are stored herein, the first load sits on the first cart. In consecutive loads, the first load gets pushed back. This kind of mechanism generally has a capacity of six loads.


The variety in shelving solutions is enormous enough to confuse. Before you decide upon the shelves, delve upon your product specifications, whether they are light-weighted or bulky, big or small, the kind of load anticipated, whether the products come in pieces or containers, and storage are available to you. These factors will ultimately decide the type and dimensions of the storage racks.