Metal Base Podiums for Electronic Storage



Electronic products are versatile and are spread over various types and varieties. Therefore when it comes to designing racking solutions for electronic retail showrooms, it becomes pertinent to understand the different kind of products that will be part of the sales display.

Donracks has been offering electronic storage solutions for retail showrooms that specialize in electronic products or have electronic products as part of its sales schemes. There are plenty of storage options when it comes to storing electronic goods and depending on the type and make there needs to be different storage options for different products.

Some of the common storage solutions offered for electronic goods are; T.V racks, Split AC racks, laptop display racks, front display counters, slat wall gondolas, adjustable racks, electronics market display racks, appliances display racks, LCD display racks, podiums, CD/DVD display racks, perforated racks, Double stack racks, etc., to name a few.

Storing bigger items such as washing machines cannot be done on racks and shelves. The weight of the products is high and hence it becomes important to store these on a sturdier yet easily mountable place. This is where special podiums for such products come into play. This is necessary as mounting on base podiums is easy.

Donracks offers both metal base podiums and wooden base podiums made from high grade raw materials that ensure its sturdiness, durability and reliability. The metal podium isn’t very big on height – it is measured at 120 mm; length at 1200 mm and 800 mm in width. It is similar to a large metal board only that it is a base podium. It is sturdy and can house heavy weight electronics that occupy floor space such as the washing machines, refrigerators, etc.