Shoe racks need to be a combination of both display as well as storage systems and most importantly need to blend into the theme, pattern and design of the retail outlet. It becomes imperative to choose the ideal racking solution that will fit into the requirement, budget, number of products on display, the target market segment of the footwear and the available floor space in the retail outlet. After considering all these important facets, the best suited racking solution can be chosen.

Donracks offers four different footwear racks that can suit the need and requirement of every retail footwear outlet – metal slat wall shoe racks, glass shoe racks, mesh stopper shoe racks and footwear racks. All these racks are made from high grade raw materials that ensure its stability and durability. The metal slat wall shoe racks are used for display of footwear and can be found usually in the entrance of the retail showroom to lure in customers.

It is designed with a sturdy hard back board that supports the little tiny racks that can be fitted anywhere in the board on a horizontal pattern. Little racks that are large enough to fit footwear are inserted wherever needed according to the need and requirement based on the number of models that the retail outlet wants to display can be fitted easily.

The metal slat wall shoe racks can hold single footwear only therefore both the footwear cannot be displayed on this kind of rack. This kind of display system also does not occupy much of floor space therefore making sure that there is optimum space utilization. Donracks offers metal slat wall shoe racks at heights of 1800 mm and 2100 mm; at lengths of 900 mm and 1200 mm; and depth of 100 mm which is essential to hold single footwear.