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An intermediate floor placed between two main floors of a building is called a mezzanine floor. It is not included among the overall floors of the building and is often used to create extra space on a floor. With growing demand for space, industries have started using mezzanine floors to get extra space without breaking down any walls.Mezzanine floor systems are often semi-permanent solutions and can be installed within the warehouse at any point in time. 

They can be easily dismantled as well, making it a perfect solution for peak business periods. Some businesses consider opting for a mezzanine floor as their business starts expanding before looking into a more permanent solution. Several businesses and warehouses have already gotten mezzanine floors in India to help handle the space problem.

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If you are still on the fence about whether or not to invest in mezzanine floors, here are a few pointers to push you in the right direction:

· Increase In floor Space
The additional floor space offered by mezzanine floors is the number one reason why business owners go for it. It offers the ability to expand the existing space without expanding the base footprint. It is also a cost effective way for smaller businesses to expand gradually. Some business owners also look at mezzanine floors as a way of bringing two operations under a single roof without hiring a separate premise.

· Land Acquisition Not Required
Another feature of mezzanine floors is the reduced requirement of acquiring land for expansion. As businesses expand, it is only natural for space requirements to grow as well. If you are not in a position to spend money for land acquisition, mezzanine floors offer a more affordable option.

· Lesser Energy Costs
Mezzanines floors are often seen by environmentalists as an excellent way to expand businesses without increasing your carbon footprint. Since constructions costs are low, so is the requirement of natural resources to complete the construction. The energy usage for heating and cooling will also not be changed much since the mezzanine floor is set up between already existing floors. Hence it is seen as an eco friendly and cost effective solution for business owners.

· Better Warehouse Safety
Since the area near the ceiling of the warehouse is considered wasted space, some workers try to take advantage of this by stacking pallets above the recommended limit without being overly concerned about safety. This risk is reduced by the establishment of the mezzanine floor since the extra space has been converted to something useful. Accidents in a warehouse are a dangerous affair, for the workers as well as for the business owners.

· Many Applications
A mezzanine floor can be used for a wide range of applications depending on your requirements. Some warehouses use the extra space offered by mezzanine floors as storage space or even office space. It can also be used as a kitchen or cafeteria area where the workers can relax during their breaks. You can convert the space to accommodate any operation as per the needs of proper management of the warehouse.

Mezzanine floors are often linked to the floor below via stair, lifts or even conveyor belts depending on the purpose that the mezzanine floors required to serve. The affordability of the mezzanine floor makes it a more viable choice while considering expanding the operations of the business. The interruption caused to the business is also minimized compared to a full scale expansion of the nearby area of the warehouse. With the instability of the current economy, business owner are less willing to invest huge chunks of cash into expanding the business. This has led to looking for more affordable solutions like mezzanine floors that will help the business expand and roll back as well depending on the reception of the expansion.

Mezzanine floors are usually set up by experts within a day or two providing the least bit of disruption to the daily routine in your warehouse. Installing a mezzanine floor requires extensive study of the ground floor layout as well as the vertical layout. Once the plan has been established, the setting up of the floor is a fairly simple process. If you are considering expanding, this is cost efficient solution that you need to consider seriously.