Televisions are an integral part of an electronic showroom and hence when designing racking solutions for electronic retail outlets, it becomes imperative to give prominence to electronic LCD racks.

Constructed from durable high grade steel, Donracks offers the ultimate solution for electronic LCD racks that are specifically designed to house the LCDs while keeping in mind the weight that it needs to bear to hold these LCD/LED television sets. The shelving for these electronic products is available in differential heights and sizes.

The perforated back board is made of steel and is very capable of handling weighty televisions of different sizes and brands on a single plain board. Though it is a common sight to see display of same sized LCDs on these racks in bigger retail outlets, electronic LCD racks can also be used in smaller retail showrooms as the same rack is capable of holding different sized products as well.

The heavy duty channel and brackets are designed to hold variable sizes and weights and can be used in any type of retail outlet and not necessarily in an electronics showroom alone. It is important to note that LCD electronic racks can be customized to meet independent store requirements but Don Rack is offering standard sizes that can fit any retail electronics store.

The racks are designed with slots for power which is needed in the case of LCD displays. It is essential to note that LCD racks can come as both wall units as well as center racks. Wall units are more popular though as it can offer an additional support to the electronic racking system. Center gondola perforated racking systems are also used as LCD racks only that for such displays the construction is more sturdier and versatile.

The standard dimensions available are; 2100 mm in height, with a single base shelf measuring 675 mm and a single middle shelf measuring 450 mm. There are a couple of double bars used for mounting LCD/LED televisions. The standard length for these racks is 1200 mm though it can be made for lesser lengths of 914 mm if there is a need for the same.

Some of the LCD racks do not have middle shelves as the entire board is used to mount LCDs and LEDs. In this case, an average 675 mm in depth is used for the same. Also these racks come with a base board to support the weight that it needs to bear when there is a healthy display of LCD and LED televisions. These open racks are best suited to display televisions of different sizes on the same rack.