Pharmacy racks have to be ready to store different drugs while ensuring that it blends with the workflow and complements it to perfection. The workflow integration becomes the most important aspect of designing pharmacy racks. The design has to ensure that offers the optimal solution that makes use of the vertical space without compromising a lot on the floor area of the pharmacy. It also has to aid in medication stock management which is the heartbeat of any pharmaceutical unit.

It is important to maximize the storage space in a pharmacy and the racks need to be designed having that in mind. It is pertinent to remember though that here are different types of pharmacy racks that can be fitted to suit the need and requirement of the pharmacy. Donracks offers some of the best solutions for pharmacies through its standard racking solutions that can be fit to suit the requirement of any pharmacy.

Donracks offers four types of racks to its pharmaceutical customers and these are; Slat wall racks for prominent displays, pharmacy racks with top storage facilities, pharmacy racks with bottom storage facilities and metal showcases. Though the latter three offer better storage options for drugs in the pharmacy, the slat wall racks offer better visibility and those drugs and products that need to be promoted – maybe a new brand name or product line used in the pharmacy can be showcased here in the slat wall racks.

Slat wall racks are open racks and offer better visibility to the end-user. The most common items that are stored here include band aids, boxes of drugs that can be used for promotion. It can also be used to store drugs and medications that are very fast moving and needs to be accessed very easily. Since slat wall racks are open racks it offers less or no hindrance in the workflow of the pharmacy.

The racks from Donracks are made from high grade materials that ensures its stability, durability and sturdiness which is the USP of the racking solutions provider. The slat wall racks are offered in three sizes of 1800 mm, 2100 mm and 2400 mm respectively. The length is varied as it is offered in lengths of 1200 mm and 900 mm each. The depth is also offered across three measurements of 375 mm, 450 mm and 525 mm. The best combination can be chosen by the client that will suit their style and space better.